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2,381 movie reviews
  1. Sometimes a movie comedy just clicks. Welcome to one of those times.
  2. It's a popcorn-movie deluxe.
  3. Broken Flowers may be too low-key for laugh junkies, but Jarmusch fills his sharply observed comedy with wonderful mischief. The mix of humor and heartbreak brings out the best in Murray.
  4. Herzog conducts his own expedition into knowing the unknowable -- the true task of any filmmaker. Herzog makes it an art.
  5. The gripping, seat- clutching suspense in this baby will pin you to your seat.
  6. Director Fernando Meirelles and screenwriter Jeffrey Caine put a human face on John le Carre's novel of sex, lies and dirty politics in modern Africa. Prepare for a thrilling ride.
  7. It's warped and wonderfully effervescent. Ditto the songs by Danny Elfman, who sings the role of Bonejangles, the frontman for a skeleton jazz band at a swinging underworld club. Best of all is the love story.
  8. Watson and Everett, both superb, bring ferocity and feeling to their roles. But the one you won't forget is Wilkinson (In the Bedroom) in a towering performance of grace and grit that deserves to put him on Oscar's shortlist. Good show.
  9. Capote is a movie that doesn't pull its punches. It's a knockout.
  10. Without jerking tears or reducing the acid content of his wit, Baumbach's humane movie gets under your skin.
  11. In ninety-three tight, terrifically exciting minutes, Clooney makes integrity look mighty sexy.
  12. The movie, from the 1992 best seller by Olivia Goldsmith, isn't deathless art. But as pure entertainment, this witty revenge romp is sinfully satisfying.
  13. The script, co-written by Antonioni and Peter Wollen, focuses on a TV journalist (a superb Jack Nicholson).
  14. Witherspoon has nailed it before, notably in "Election," but her portrayal of June is astounding in its vitality and richness.
  15. This one-of-a-kind spellbinder from first-time director Laurence Dunmore is not afraid to shock. Depp is a raunchy wonder, especially in a time-capsule-worthy opening monologue.
  16. Sam Peckinpah lives! The rampaging spirit of the late filmmaker, known as Bloody Sam for films such as "The Wild Bunch" and "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia," is all over this blistering modern Western from first-time director Tommy Lee Jones.
  17. Woody Allen's best movie in years means to trip us up: Sexual sizzle. London instead of Manhattan. Brit actors. Dark humor with a sting that leaves welts. You bet it's a change. And it looks good on the Woodman.
  18. Bana is magnificent in the role.
  19. Casts a spell that grips you and won't let go. The film works as a provocation, on a personal and a political level.
  20. Malick and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki -- a grandmaster at blending color and natural light -- craft a tone poem that may throw some audiences through its use of interior monologues.
  21. This unique and devastating look at the Holocaust is drawn from the autobiographical novel of 2002 Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertesz.
  22. Why We Fight deserves high praise for making it that much tougher to wear blinders.
  23. A potent and provocative look at life unhinged. Bubble is said to be the first in a series of six low-budget films from Soderbergh. If they all rock the boat like this one, bring 'em on.
  24. If you're looking for action movie heaven, try Speed, a crackling blend of suspense and fun that gives you the rush of a runaway roller coaster.
  25. This is more than a movie, it's a privilege.
  26. The radiant Barrymore energizes Cinderella with a tough core of intelligence and wit.
  27. McGrath's script is faithful: fierce when it needs to be and devilishly funny.
  28. Driver's tough core of honesty and wit is bewitching. So's the movie.
  29. The explosive V for Vendetta is powered by ideas that are not computer-generated. It's something rare in Teflon Hollywood: a movie that sticks with you.
  30. Both sides of the political fence will feel royally skewered. All that's lacking is a warning from the Surgeon General: This film will make you laugh till it hurts.

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