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  1. Towne doesn't weave all the elements as deftly as before, and his political observations seem secondhand.
  2. Hollywood has a knack for sanitizing books that deserve better. In the case of The Glass Castle, it's a damn shame.
  3. A dash of Tarantino might have juiced up Walter Salles' wrongheadedly well-mannered take on Jack Kerouac's 1957 Beat Generation landmark. Kerouac's semi-autobiographical novel comes to the screen looking good but feeling shallow.
  4. With Del Toro's name in the credits, standard chills aren't enough. We want imagination to run riot.
  5. Paltrow looks glam even in death, which only supports the notion, raised by Plath’s daughter Frieda Hughes, that the movie would be about a "Sylvia Suicide Doll." Good call.
  6. The questions is: Can the minions carry a movie all by their mischievous mini-selves? 'Fraid not. This origin story, while being utterly harmless and far from despicable, wears out its welcome way too soon.
  7. Sugar Ray Leonard helped with the motion-capture, and it shows. Good stuff. But the tear-jerking in Real Steel is as shameless as its product placement. We're being hustled.
  8. The too-blunt comedy defangs the film. As does the irritating voiceover from the Rolling Stone reporter, played Scoot McNary, which breaks a cardinal rule of filmmaking: show, don't tell.
  9. ignore the pileup of implausibilities and Unknown becomes a diabolically entertaining con game. Does it jerk you around? Yes. Suck it up. The ride's worth it.
  10. It's as if the brothers admired the Swiss-watch precision of the original and wanted to take it apart to see how the pieces would work in a new setting. As an experiment, it's fascinating. But damn if the fiddling doesn't suck the life out of the laughs.
  11. In story terms, Dinosaur lays an egg.
    • Rolling Stone
  12. The Stooges were always better in short doses. And 90 minutes of PG nyuk-nyuk-nyuk can seem like an eternity.
  13. Kline finds every nuance of mirth and melancholy in this wonder of a role and rides it to glory. You can't take your eyes off him.
  14. In his sappiest film since 1989's "Always," director Steven Spielberg has come down with a case of the cutes that the whole cast catches.
  15. The actors can't perform miracles. Hot dogs are served in the final scene, but trust me, Hyde Park on Hudson is no picnic.
  16. The acting? Common and the Game score as baddies, but Hugh Laurie as an acid-tongued internal-affairs cop is disappointingly just House without the limp.
  17. Demme can't sustain the fizz, but seeing a real filmmaker try and fall short is still more fun than watching a hack hit the mark.
  18. Cate Blanchett is the spark that keeps this well-meaning but by-the-numbers biopic going.
  19. Hell, I really meant to at least like 2 Guns. But I couldn't. The movie just didn't make the extra effort.
  20. Like a doggie in a window, this romcom relentlessly wags its tail so you'll fall in love and take it home. Not this time, puppy.
  21. Only Vince Vaughn registers hilariously as John's boss.
  22. Statham is still playing it safe in Safe, but vulnerability is showing through the cracks.
  23. Curtis ladles sugar over the eager-to-please Love Actually to make it go down easy, forgetting that sometimes it just makes you gag.
  24. Wyatt keeps the action coming at a fast clip, but watching Jim repeatedly pursue a path of self-destruction for reasons never made clear grows wearying.
  25. The film feels more like a thesis than vivid drama.
  26. What a cast, indeed. And what a bust as persuasive drama.
  27. You always know where it's going even as it meanders for two and a half hours getting there.
  28. Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal are hotties with talent. And they maneuver through the daunting maze of shifting tones and intersecting plots of Love and Other Drugs like the pros they are.
  29. The action and jokes pile up with exhausting repetitiveness. But Theroux and Franco make a truly hilarious team.
  30. In "Gran Torino," Eastwood took on the moral issues that screenwriter Gary Young and first-time director Daniel Barber studiously avoid. It's the difference between riveting and repellent.

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