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  1. The film's editing and pacing are appealingly straightforward, not to say blunt, and the humor runs from dry to bone-dry to parched.
  2. The film is often funny and even more frequently vulgar, exploiting every last chance for raunch in the full-chassis exchange of two grown men. The only thing missing: male nudity.
  3. Perfectly acceptable, perfectly bland, competently acted but by no means a scary horror movie, in which "they" are coming to get people.
  4. The Passion of the Christ should have left audiences in a state of exaltation. Instead it just leaves audiences exhausted.
  5. The Providence Effect" is flawed, but it's still a moving film.
  6. Rodrick Rules has a brighter comic edge than its predecessor - and a bit more spunk.
  7. Basically, this is a really good movie until the last part, where director and co-writer Darren Lynn Bousman ruins so much so fast that you'll wonder if his actions are deliberate -- or if the studio interfered.
  8. The story doesn't quite pay off, characters are underwritten and the surprise ending is contrived and unconvincing.
  9. It's a modest and mildly funny effort, with good scenes and touches of incisive satire, but it's not quite funny enough, and it's undermined by its camera technique.
  10. The history itself is the main appeal here.
    • 54 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Eminently watchable, with enough majestic vistas and heroic derring-do to get by. It could have been so much more.
  11. The fact that the movie has to entertain with digressions is an indication of more than looseness, but rather a shoddiness...Nothing connected with the job is of any interest at all.
  12. Slick, overly deliberate and brimming with hammy performances...directed by Rob Reiner with glistening, uninspired competence. [11 Dec 1992]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  13. Muniz, however, is hampered by Stripes' constant moping, which brings out the "Malcolm in the Middle'' star's whinier tendencies.
  14. If you can still be entertained by a thriller that unabashedly borrows from others of its ilk and don't mind reading subtitles, you could do worse than District B13. It's over so fast, in a quick 85 minutes, there's scarcely time to get bored by the silly plot.
  15. Benefits enormously from smart casting across the board.
  16. Affecting at times, but finally feels overblown and heavy-handed.
  17. Though Zack Snyder is known as an action director, he is a genuine artist and one of the most exciting and promising filmmakers to emerge in the past 10 years. His new movie, Sucker Punch - let's just say it - is a failure, but there's so much talent on that screen that the movie can't be dismissed as a waste of time.
  18. The film’s thoroughness is a virtue or a problem, depending on one’s point of view.
  19. Even the interesting parts of A Lego Brickumentary aren’t that interesting, but are rather more like the best thing you might hear while being cornered by the most boring person at a party.
  20. Curiously and unexpectedly, the movie brings on a suffocating feeling of constraint. It's a consequence of seeing characters with such terribly limited mobility.
  21. A movie with lots of heart but no heartbeat.
  22. It would help if the plot were more than just an outline with a few convenient turns.
  23. Oristrell's comedic sense only seems to succeed in spurts, and he often burdens the proceedings with a theatrical and contrived air that undermines the humor.
  24. An odd picture, a rumination on depression and self-discovery that's couched as an office comedy.
  25. The ending is predictable to anybody who's followed the trajectory of outsourcing. Outsourced humanizes those affected by it - even if the story sounds familiar.
  26. To its credit, the movie eschews cheap dramatics, but at times it eschews dramatics altogether.
  27. The result is an interesting but often frustrating effort by the director of "The Sea Inside," who proves that ambition and talent aren't enough to ensure a compelling drama.
  28. The specifics of their predicament are well handled -- being thrown in a Third World prison may be every tourist's nightmare -- even if the movie eventually goes soft and squishy.
  29. If you can get past a few swear words, the film's simplicity makes Glory Road a good starting point to get young kids to talk about racism.

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