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  1. They are naturals at acting, not because they're good at lying but because they can't be phony.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    It's a movie that seems simple, yet its subtle and brilliant complexity is not to be denied.
  2. A mesmerizing film that is the most stunning, tempestuous love story in a decade or two of movie making.
  3. A gorgeous piece of work. It pulls every heartstring a good romance should, yet bursts with G-rated fun, wonderfully human characters and several solid and hummable songs.
  4. The very best thrillers -- a select group to which The Clearing clearly belongs -- exploit subconscious fears that bubble up at vulnerable moments.
  5. The aerial cinematography is breathtaking: We can feel the fragility of the planet, but also its power to heal — if only we give it a chance.
  6. On a deeper level -- and this is where When We Were Kings exceeds its expectations and becomes a great film -- Gast examines African American pride.
  7. The humor manages to be simultaneously sophisticated, supremely silly and very dark.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Delirious, over-the-top, gorgeous to look at and with comic timing delivered at a machine-gun pace, Spain’s My Big Night is not only the fastest-moving film of the year so far this side of “Hardcore Henry,” but one of the most entertaining as well.
  8. The movie is a total blast, and what a surprise.
  9. Handily beats back the evils of boredom.
  10. A breathtaking story of defiance and triumph that has to be considered one of the year's most sublime films.
  11. Powerful and outrageous.
  12. Best “performances,'' however, are given by the movie's almost agonizingly beautiful historical settings -- luxurious households, rich architecture, furnishings, ornaments, draperies, fineries and such are often more captivating than the hushed tones of the lovers. [17 Sept 1993, Daily Notebook, p.C1]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  13. Ghobadi infuses his movie with a humor that can almost be called Seinfeldian, and it's this mix of laughter with tears that gives Marooned in Iraq its big impact.
  14. The studio made a great film.
  15. The Past makes conventional movies feel artificial. Watching the characters interact in this movie feels like "Here is real life," and real life just happens to be strangely compelling.
  16. The experience of Southpaw is rather like seeing the truth behind the cliches, revived in all their pain and power to surprise.
  17. An ideal introduction to Toback's output as well as a welcome elucidation for longtime fans. Apart from those worthy functions, The Outsider is also shrewdly made, illuminating its subject in a variety of settings and, at times, subtly assuming the style of Toback's films.
  18. Delivers a full emotional palette without undue sentimentalizing.
  19. You needn't have colorful Italian relatives, like myself, to enjoy this boisterous and warm-hearted film, which sidesteps cliche while embracing the hope and love in loony dysfunctional families everywhere.
  20. Extraordinary and beautiful.
  21. Kore-eda weaves these images and others, building a multilayered fugue that contemplates death, asks if mourning ever truly ends and addresses the ephemeral nature of love, family and home. Everything we value and use to define and frame our lives, he suggests, is always at risk.
  22. An original, inspired piece of work.
  23. A Hologram for the King has great energy, and also a languorous, lived-in quality.
  24. Potent.
  25. Moviegoers will love or hate Oliver Stone and his politics until the end of time. With well-made movies such as Snowden, though, his skill as a filmmaker becomes much harder for the detractors to debate.
  26. This is a movie that you will admire both for its courage and its creativity.
  27. It's not enough to say that Inglourious Basterds is Quentin Tarantino's best movie. It's the first movie of his artistic maturity, the film his talent has been promising for more than 15 years.
  28. The animation, sparkling and graceful, also ranks as the studio's best traditional work in ages.

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