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  1. Kids will enjoy the wisecracks and foolishness, and the big musical production numbers are toe-tappers -- or would be if the veggies had feet.
  2. A great achievement: tense and passionate, a film that one feels not just emotionally but also physically.
  3. In Hollywood, where integrity is rapidly consumed and careers defined by market value, there's trash and there's trash with a pedigree.
  4. A pedestrian film that provides little more than a superficial treat.
  5. Gets everything wrong, starting with a title that indicates a somewhat innocent romantic transgression.
  6. A silly, cross-cultural shoot-'em-up -- the sort of movie that will work for those with some time to kill (no pun intended).
  7. Graham Greene ("Dances With Wolves") in one of the year's best performances, he's a fully dimensional character: pathetic and shrewd, tragic and bitterly funny.
  8. A listless, predictable effort, occasionally redeemed by witty lines and charismatic performers.
  9. Consisting mostly of talking-head interviews, the film isn't especially dynamic, but it brims with insightful, poignant memories from survivors.
  10. Marks Chan's full arrival as an actor. Take away the violence - - and there's plenty of it for those who crave Chan's physical pyrotechnics -- and he's still an immense pleasure to watch onscreen.
  11. Has been called an exploitation of a tragedy, but in fact it's an expose of tragic exploitation.
  12. There's a certain formulaic and familiar quality about Sweet Home Alabama, but it doesn't matter.
  13. Too predictable and too self-conscious to reach a level of high drama.
  14. Haunting music, the seriousness of the allegations and riveting interviews with Alexander Haig, Christopher Hitchens (whose book inspired the film) and others give "Kissinger" extra drama and urgency.
  15. Pure of intention and passably diverting, His Secret Life is light, innocuous and unremarkable.
  16. What The Banger Sisters offers in place of an eloquent statement is the charm of two actresses at the top of their game in flashy roles and a smart script that's decidedly more coarse than sentimental.
  17. Its virtues can't outweigh the disappointment of a movie that might have been a rousing old-fashioned epic, or better yet a provocative reworking of an old epic, and instead became a muddle.
  18. It provokes nothing but yawns, and the sex it explores is stuff everybody knows about and says, "So what?"
  19. A strange but oddly memorable film.
  20. Movies don't get much worse.
  21. So original, so funny, so alive with drama, intrigue, mystery and colors that you want to see it again and again.
  22. A lovely, evocative tour de force. So why does it seem we should be enjoying it more?
  23. Disturbing film.
  24. Somehow, it all works -- even if Miller relies on a plot that meanders a bit and loses some of its luster.
  25. The film's appeal has a lot to do with the casting of Juliette Binoche as Sand, who brings to the role her pale, dark beauty and characteristic warmth.
  26. Mean-spirited and not remotely clever, though it strives for archness at every turn.
  27. Here, as in the "Friday" movies, the jokes are big and rude and vulgar and very funny.
  28. It's downbeat material and it tends to drag a bit, but Jia's performance is so unsparing and intense -- and the film so compassionate and chaste in its approach to a life lost and recovered -- that Quitting ultimately satisfies.
  29. What we have is the case of a movie with a straight man (Jason Lee) who really is funny, but with a comic (Tom Green) who sadly isn't.
  30. Interviews with Pinochet's victims put a human face on the systematic torture that existed under his rule.

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