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  1. Delpy and Scott are able to put it over. She's French and deep and mysterious. He's a fresh-faced American, an open book. Liking them makes it possible to (kinda) like this otherwise routine horror movie.
  2. Poorly written, contains too much hero worship and profiles too many events - including one that combines the high jump with motorcycles. But the documentary generates a remarkable amount of goodwill with its stunning visuals, which look breathtaking in 3-D.
  3. A romantic saga that dares to ask realistic questions.
  4. Though the movie is riddled with memorable scenes of violence, its pace is slow -- too slow. It has an epic sprawl, but it's not an epic. It's more like a bloated fairy tale. [7 Aug 1992]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  5. Although the finished product isn't great, it's more akin to a bad Steve Martin movie from the 1980s than bad Pauly Shore from the 1990s. We mean that as a compliment (sort of).
  6. Legends of the Fall is so gorgeous that its failure to catch fire seems a piddling concern.
  7. A thoughtful but uneven teen picture, also has too much going on.
  8. Kung Fu Panda 3 has a moment or two for everyone, but no chance develop any character beyond a single dimension.
  9. The result is a film of passion and ambition, but one whose success is intermittent at best.
  10. An arty, ruminative and slow-paced film that's being marketed as a big ol' alien-invasion flick. Just don't expect an invasion flick.
  11. Even those who despised the original novel should not have trouble stomaching Bridges, while the novel's fans will find the film -- despite some additions -- generally true to what they perceive to be the book's spirit.
  12. Now, thanks to A Most Wanted Man, we discover that it's really boring - practically sleep-inducing - to be an international spy.
  13. So this film feels less like an easy paycheck and more like semi-retirement. Whatever wisdom is coming out of Redford’s mouth as Bryson, it always seems 100 percent clear he pursued the role because the shoot would be beautiful and he could pal around with an old friend.
  14. As painstaking as a documentary but without the satisfaction of a documentary or the impact of a drama.
  15. It's a bizarre hybrid: one part feminist screed, one part French art film and one part skin flick.
  16. If this action extravaganza represents the future of movies, it's going to be a sad, dead and awful future.
  17. The film is too intelligent and well-crafted to dismiss and too good to hate. Some people will love it, and at worst, most people will like it a little.
  18. Another of those summer movies that want to pluck at our heartstrings. If it would just stop plucking for a second, it might be enjoyable.
  19. A coming-out comedy that mines every cliche of cloistered Italian culture. But like "Greek Wedding," Mambo has enough funny moments to save it.
  20. About one idea short of being an excellent teenage romance. As it stands it's a pleasing but routine effort.
  21. This love letter to man's best friend will make dog fanciers roll over and do tricks. It's so warmhearted, you'll want to run out and hug the nearest big, sloppy mutt. And while you're watching it, have your handkerchief ready.
  22. If your tolerance for Branagh's shtick and Woody's narrowness of focus is as low as mine, you can take solace in the director's joke on himself.
  23. The film remains, clearly by design, a cold piece, mechanistic and only intermittently involving.
  24. Probably the world's first jihad terrorist comedy, Four Lions is a daring, brilliantly conceptualized film, but like the bumbling bombers of the title, the execution tends to be hit-and-miss.
  25. Isn't an awful movie. It's got two charismatic, albeit ill-served leads in John Cusack and Kevin Spacey, and it's got a sizzling, tear-it-up performance by The Lady Chablis, who brings such good-natured sass and suggestiveness that you hunger for more whenever she's offscreen.
  26. Wildly uneven, with long stretches as dull as Dickie.
  27. A film that's hard to watch and hard to recommend.
  28. Part of the appeal is that it's so bad it's good: The story is ridiculous. At other times, it's just plain good: There are ski and snowboarding scenes, plenty of them, that are beautifully filmed and exhilarating to behold.
  29. Lacks emotional power.

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