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Average Movie review score: 62
Highest review score: 100 Kick-Ass
Lowest review score: 0 Spy Hard
Score distribution:
5,996 movie reviews
  1. A pile of junk.
  2. Never comes alive.
  3. Had a lot of promise, but ultimately isn't very funny.
    • 33 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Fans of previous incarnations are advised to check their nostalgia at the door, while the uninitiated may simply check their brains.
  4. You can't fool me. I know it's actually a parlor game.
  5. It isn't smart or even very scary.
  6. A wretched comedy about middle-aged romance.
  7. Floats is corny and false, with a script by Steven Rogers that's almost 100 percent artificial sweetener.
  8. A great role becomes an unenviable chore, in which a superb comic actress finds herself trying to sell a series of unfunny comic situations by mugging and pushing with all her might. It's an unflattering spectacle for all concerned.
  9. There are barrages of fast cuts to distract us from the fact that the director is showing us no real action.
  10. An agony of bad plotting and whimsical, lifeless scenes.
  11. These people are so stupid that they make us think, well, wait a second: Maybe those livers and kidneys could be put to better use.
  12. Nobody would claim it adds up to much of a comedy. It's strictly for someone looking for a goof-off.
  13. The film is intended to be light and whimsical, but with a core of sincere emotion. But it's as if the thing were made by Martian anthropologists who assume that human audiences are as twisted as the people onscreen.
  14. But Congo leads to nothing but a fierce battle with the gray gorillas, a kind of guns vs. fangs scene; and a convenient and incongruous volcano eruption that looks as artificial as a video game.
  15. Falls apart immediately, then limps on for 45 minutes more.
    • 38 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    An inane musical melodrama.
  16. It’s just bad. It’s boring, folks.
  17. As bad as its title.
  18. Rotten, pretentious movie full of minimalist dialogue and self-consciously arty cinematography.
  19. For all it does right, there's something seriously wrong.
  20. You know there is something seriously wrong with Anna Karenina when you start rooting for the train.
  21. A mix of the powerful and the ridiculous, and eventually the ridiculous wins. The movie deals with a big subject that has received scant treatment in movies - the genocide in Bosnia in the 1990s - giving voice and testimony to what happened there. But the ill-conceived fictional elements take the picture right off the rails.
  22. An unflinching -- yet overlong and overindulgent -- film.
  23. If the first "Hangover" movie were this awful, there never would have been a Part Two. This is a joyless, unfunny mix of comedy and drama, a complete waste of time, with exactly one good joke in the entire movie. It comes in the first minute. After that, you can leave.
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  24. Besson is a pro when it comes to action movies, but this part live, part animation effort is a mess, highlighted by creepy animation, derivative plot points and a child star who speaks way too fast.
  25. Anyone expecting a flashy Bond-style fantasy is going to be disappointed.
  26. This is anti-funny, where every attempt at a joke is like a little rock thrown at your face.
  27. A lot of the acting is amateurish, and most of the plot feels like a rehash of a rehash. The music, written and performed in the spirit of L7, is small consolation.
  28. Holes in the script, overwrought camera work, dialogue that's embarrassing, and a plot device that's obvious 10 minutes into the movie - all these are major problems.

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