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  1. The biggest puzzlement about "What'' is what it's doing in major movie theaters around the country when it so clearly belongs on one of those small cable channels given to peculiar programming.
  2. If London were a comedy, it just might work. Instead, it's a dead-serious marathon of angst from cool kids old enough to know they're mouthing cliches.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Zero is more of an intellectual exercise in which you’re never given all the variables to solve the problem — and then you find your calculator was on acid the whole time anyway.
  3. (Driver) is stuck in a mess of a movie that suffers from awkward writing, a plot with major disconnects in plausibility, an annoyingly screechy kid character and cheesy production values.
  4. The action sequences are just as ridiculous as the romance parts, but at least James seems comfortable with the pratfalls and gross-out scenarios.
  5. Friedkin is steeped in gore, like some cinematic Macbeth, and it's obscuring his artistic vision.
  6. About as awful as a film can be without being the ultimate awful, which is boring.
  7. Ouija has something wrong with it from the first five minutes.
  8. An action blockbuster that's one of the biggest misfires in its genre since "Godzilla."
  9. Suffers from some of the deficiencies common to first features. It is sincere and earnest but the product of an assumption that the milieu itself is compelling enough to command an audience's attention.
  10. An overstuffed, underfed numbskull movie.
  11. The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, is a stiff, guaranteed to disappoint just about everybody, except those rooting against him. [11 Jul 1990, p.E1]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  12. The bad news is that the characters and situations are platitudes and the story is so heavy-handed that the film is hard to sit through.
  13. Shoot 'Em Up is not only the title of Hollywood's latest descent into nonsensical mayhem but pretty much sums up the entire inane plot as well.
  14. Muddled, to put it kindly.
  15. An overwrought weepie, it may be inspired by the recent dramas of Pedro Almodóvar, but it comes off as Almodóvar Lite -- muy lite.
  16. A glossy piece of trash.
  17. Ghost Rider has everything you don't want from your superhero movie, including lack of logic, boring action scenes, bad acting in the supporting performances, a brutally slow 114-minute running time and cringe-worthy dialogue.
  18. Girl 6 is glossy, technically proficient and a glib waste of time. Lee and his screenwriter goof around with phone-sex rhetoric ("I wanna service your juicy kielbasa''), but that gets tired quickly.
  19. It's an uninspired and instantly forgettable film. But it completely succeeds by its own standards: an 87-minute rainy-day distraction that will probably make a zillion dollars.
  20. The film is like watching Ozzy Osbourne bite the head off a rubber bat -- it's only almost heinous.
  21. Nothing really works here, and nobody seems to have put in a huge amount of effort, except maybe the marketing department -- there are many product placements.
  22. Noe isn't a graceful filmmaker. He wants to traumatize his audience, barnstorm us, make us pay in anxiety and sweat and scorched nerves for the ugly truths he wants us to swallow.
  23. The movie reveals itself as not merely dull, but pointless.
  24. The chief problem with Your Highness is its lack of imagination - its misuse and overuse of language and visual riffs that are only marginally amusing at best.
  25. It looks like an exploding art project - but fails to capture the books' childlike voice and charm.
  26. Goes nowhere.
  27. Has to go down as a failed comedy. It's just not enough of a comedy.
  28. Its single biggest failing - an affront to Lewis Carroll and the charms of nonsense literature - is that it makes sense.
  29. Credit the director for one thing. He could have stretched it to three hours, but he gets in and out of this mess in less than two.

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