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  1. Hatfields & McCoys does a good job of explaining the roots of the feud and helping us see that, regardless of whatever legitimacy there may have been in one family's hatred of the other, none of it was worth the lives lost over those six blood-soaked years.
  2. Hirst, Rhys Meyers and the rest of the cast (and Bergin's costumes) make it all somehow meatier but no less entertaining in Season 2.
  3. Baskets is bold, it is courageous, but it doesn’t really work. It’s not that a TV comedy has to offer wall-to-wall belly laughs, but unrelenting bleakness with the minor relief of a few scattered bits of dry humor--no matter how much it may aspire to a neo-Beckettian level--ends up being more bemusing than amusing.
  4. You will come away from the film understanding a great deal about an extraordinary woman who played much more than just a supporting role in a significant period in our history. Perhaps more important, you will get a better sense of that historic period as well.
  5. Don't try too hard to make sense of it: Covert Affairs is simply--and simple--fun.
  6. It opens into a fairly entertaining ensemble show about beautiful, bright people.
  7. While it’s so fast paced, you barely realize that it isn’t always credible, you do get that it’s always fun.
  8. "Flight of the Conchords" may well be the funniest thing you've seen in ages and -- at least for a half hour -- answers the question of whether HBO has any good shows left.
  9. For all its cleverness, there’s a danger that Odd Mom Out has too narrow a focus, even for fans of “Real Housewives” shows. But in small doses, it’s funny enough.
  10. What separates it from "Veep" is that Alpha House almost seems possible, and it's not just because of similarities between the characters and real pols. It's about the mind-set, the dealing, arrogance and boorishness of our shaky legislative branch.
  11. A cleverly crafted, ingenious thriller with only scant moments of implausibility. Most of it has the unmistakable imprint of a smart premise beautifully executed.
  12. A few of the others could have easily painted themselves toward the exit, except that some of the lesser talents are also some of the bigger personalities. And when it comes right down to it, that's what will keep "Work of Art" on the air.
  13. Beneath all the visual dazzle of the premiere episode, a bit of the groundwork is there, but Schlamme and Orman need to build on it very soon.
  14. The show is generally well written, expertly directed (Thomas Schlamme of "West Wing" directs the pilot) and most of the performances are solid.
  15. There are more questions than answers in the pilot of Extant, which, in this case, is a good thing. The seeds of dramatic conflict have been planted, and we're going to come back the next week to see how all of this plays out.
  16. Whether you see the seams or not, though, what matters is that it all works, and we'll keep watching, if only to see Quaid and Chiklis square off against each other week after week.
  17. HBO made five of the series’ 10 episodes available to critics, and perhaps The Young Pope makes sense as a whole. Half the loaf, however, is half-baked. In spite of that, and because of wonderful performances by James Cromwell, as an older cardinal who was Belardo’s mentor and resents that he wasn’t chosen pope himself, Cécile de France as the Vatican’s marketing director, and Orlando, The Young Pope has something that makes you keep with it.
  18. The Riches is gloriously inventive, daring and provocative, with excellent performances.
  19. In the end, the very droll and compelling Billy & Billie is much more than just a case of sibling revelry.
  20. It's an hour that you'll be able to understand and appreciate, even if you love "Sons of Anarchy" more. Sometimes it's fun to take a spin on your old bike, so to speak.
  21. The riveting part is Oscar nominee David Oyelowo’s (“Selma”) solo performance as a disturbed war veteran who is struggling mightily to keep it together, despite the fact he’s already failed to do so as the film begins. The difficulty is that as credible as Oyelowo is, the whole script feels like a writerly set-up and you only believe it from time to time.
  22. Though the pilot has some flaws in it--mostly from a clash of tones--it still overdelivers on creativity, creepiness, fine acting and burgeoning character development.
  23. It's one of those series with overabundant potential and early hints of provocative brilliance, but it may take a while to truly arrive.
  24. In a world that has exploded with instantaneously accessible information, television news is hard-pressed to figure out how to keep up. It takes a show like Vice to make other news magazine shows seem like they belong in a TV antiques shop.
  25. The critical success of the original “Returned,” as well as brainier zombie shows such as BBC America’s “In the Flesh,” has spawned other American knockoffs, such as ABC’s “Resurrection,” the kind of series that reminds us that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but only if it’s done as well as A&E’s The Returned.
  26. In truth, it's the bountiful hamminess of McShane and the other evildoers that makes Pillars great fun, even if it's never going to be a candidate for "Masterpiece Theatre."
  27. It definitely has its moments.
  28. Wilfred works on many levels, something that may not become apparent until after you stop laughing.
  29. It is honest, funny, heartfelt and compelling. And necessary.
  30. The series, created by Mara Brock Akil, works for a number of reasons, including Union's performance as a very credible contemporary woman.

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