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5,810 movie reviews
  1. There's a case to be made for The Real Cancun as a document of the mating dance as well as an unintentionally poignant film about the brevity of youth.
  2. At best a little boring and at worst stomach-churningly offensive.
  3. The movie's not bad enough to be world-ending, merely clumsy.
  4. Another inert, soul-dead action drama that turns actors into zombies...It's garbage.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Sometimes indie pictures like this, with over-the-top acting and outrageous situations, are meant as a calling card for its creators - a chance to show their wares to others in the industry. So calling all producers, there is one tour-de-force performance in Scenic Route: the makeup team of Brian Kinney, Sara Robey and Maia Wagle. Admire their work, and bring earplugs.
  5. Turns into a pedestrian slice 'n' dice feature.
  6. Visually, Jonah Hex is an orgy of overstatement: rapid edits, garish colors, harsh light.
  7. Efficient action thriller.
  8. Diamonds doesn't shine.
  9. These are good moments, and there are a few others, that prevent Tomb Raider from being one of the worst films of the year. But they're not enough to make it worth seeing.
  10. Raises the bar for movies geared to teens.
  11. Super- violent, super-serious and super-stupid.
  12. There's no satisfaction and no pleasure to be gained by sitting through it. The characters are ludicrous and, worse than that, boring. And this is despite all the lead actors doing the best they can.
  13. Better than a lot of teen comedies.
  14. There are fun distractions, but it's easy to focus on the flaws.
  15. Not a campy film, but it revels in extremes, and has the same sort of appeal.
  16. What this really is is a great deal of screaming and running from room to room, wacky chase scenes, the old bag switcheroo, dim-bulb crooks and zany antics. Everyone is working hard, but as with Sofia Vergara's costumes, there isn't enough material.
  17. Not since "An American Werewolf in London" in 1981 reset the standard for man-to-wolf transformations has anyone tried to get away with special effects as pitiful as the ones in this movie.
  18. A fun bit of escapism that's even tender in spots.
  19. Though charming at times, just misses, due to a contrived story.
  20. But the jury is still out on Romano's future in movies. Hackman blows him off the screen.
  21. A joyous first feature by director Kwyn Bader, is a charmer.
    • 33 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Besides the fact that the film is flabby (way too much time is spent on history), its efforts to tie subliminal messaging to a vast array of political, media and pop cultural events turn the proceedings a little hazy (or a lot hazy, depending on your worldview).
  22. This poor excuse for a thriller turns, with a great crunching of gears, into a mess of a buddy comedy. Either way, it misfires.
  23. It's not bad. It's cute.
  24. Though Zack Snyder is known as an action director, he is a genuine artist and one of the most exciting and promising filmmakers to emerge in the past 10 years. His new movie, Sucker Punch - let's just say it - is a failure, but there's so much talent on that screen that the movie can't be dismissed as a waste of time.
  25. Dragons may have seemed less out of place three decades ago, but it would have been a bad movie then as well. It's filled with clumsy transitions and erratic performances, and tied together by an awkward framing device.
  26. Delivers all the pain, melodrama and redemption that fans of the genre demand.
  27. What started out with the feel of a tight little kids' thriller turns into a Nickelodeon afternoon movie.
  28. Let It Ride has atmosphere, plus a good setting, appealing actors - and a bad script. [19 Aug 1989]
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