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2,749 movie reviews
  1. It's a fantasy of a crime epic, to be sure, but it's a glorious fantasy in which the unspoken bonds of brotherhood bathe every shootout and sacrifice in the light of myth.
  2. Ceylan has an unerring gift for camera placement, and his slow, measured scenes can be as hypnotic as they are lovely -- at times, too much so, with the characters constrained by his poetic perfection.
  3. Both blunt and complex, Sauter's illustration of economic Darwinism at its most primal and unforgiving is a harrowing vision of human life as collateral damage in the modern global economy.
  4. Occasionally falters in its symbolism and storytelling, but still unnerves because we're never quite sure of our bearings, or whose "reality" we're watching.
  5. It is passionate and angry and rousing where you might expect it to become numbing and depressing.
  6. Cruz is tough and sexy as the no-nonsense Raimunda and she's being deservedly talked up for an Oscar nomination in a tight best actress year.
  7. Positioned to be the environmental documentary of the year.
  8. Most of the magic of this unusual movie comes from the freshness, imagination and sweet spirit of its animation, which is blissfully its own thing and does not show the influence of any of the reigning forces in the art form.
  9. An unapologetic B-movie.
  10. A thoroughly enjoyably and wistfully charming ensemble drama carried off with an irresistible Gallic flair.
  11. Anthony Hopkins is a great actor and he gives a resourceful, inventive, compelling performance that holds our attention over three hours. It never convinces us that he is Nixon: he doesn't look much like him, and he misses entirely that incredible shiftiness in his public manner. But it somehow works. [20 Dec 1995, p.C1]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  12. A lesson in listening.
  13. The movie is entertaining, reasonably true to the facts of its subject's life and full of music.
  14. A movie that plays better if you know nothing about it going in.
  15. A hard film to shake and makes us think and think again.
  16. Marks a surprising maturity, restraint and confidence to Carrey's acting. Even more than "The Truman Show," he plays it perfectly straight here, and his natural charisma carries the movie with just the right dose of Jimmy Stewart charm.
  17. Meirelles adds another perspective, that the epidemic might be a good thing if, by being thrown into the darkness together, we may once again recognize the human family to which we all belong.
  18. Covers this exact same territory, but does it with such refreshing, clearheaded honesty and skill it seems like a revelation.
  19. This is no Disney fable and the apocalyptic vision isn't for everyone, but science-fiction fans and adventurous filmgoers will find this ingenious explosion of retro-cyberpunk a compelling dystopian vision with a gleam of hope.
  20. These are mortal souls and unglamorous bodies and Ferran explores their affair in its earthy, physical and fleshy reality.
  21. Lin energizes the grungy palette with stylistic zing, a hopped-up pace and understated humor. His cast carves out vivid characters and the open-ended aftermath takes stock of the moral scarring without moralizing.
  22. A mix of the poetic and the polemic, the film is oddly abstract and untethered.
    • 61 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Like a surprising run of recent movies, Meet the Robinsons is based on a picture book (William Joyce's "A Day With Wilbur Robinson"). Unlike most of them, it achieves liftoff.
  23. Or
    Yedaya is respectful and sensitive of everyone in Or's life and creates a beautiful, complex and rich relationship between mother and daughter, loving and protective of each other, but not of themselves.
  24. If the new Ocean's Eleven is mostly Clooney's show, he's more than up to the task of carrying it. Indeed, this could be his career-defining role: The twinkle in his eye has never seemed more disreputable, his devil-may-care charm has never seemed so appealing, and he dominates the movie with the graceful ease of a Golden Age Hollywood star.
  25. Cedric Kahn has caught the irrational compulsion, nail-biting tension and unpredictability of plot that is Simenon at his best.
  26. Genuinely funny and sweet, the film's "everybody wins" philosophy resonates beyond the feel-good surfaces.
  27. There's plenty of ammunition here for liberal conspiracy theorists, which surely will limit the audience to those already in Jarecki's political camp. Which is too bad, for it is a sobering history lesson as well as a political polemic on foreign policy and the growth of war into America's biggest business.
  28. It's all about the sheer visceral rush of mega action.
  29. First-time feature film director Max Farberbock has given a terrific visual style, resonance, sense of hope and power to the material.

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