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2,749 movie reviews
  1. The roll call of perversions and adolescent sex gags are more creepy than kooky and the sudden shift to triumphant romantic sincerity at the climax rings as false as this film's sappy (sorry, happy) ending.
  2. Stephen Brill's flat-footed script begins as an idiot comedy with the gross-out gags of a Farrelly brothers film.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    What results is a movie as vacuous as the characters on screen. It's not often a movie makes you yearn for the energy and half-baked artistry of "Freddy vs. Jason," but there you have it.
  3. Coupled with the flavorless dialogue of the inane script and a leading man who registers all the glow of a black hole, there's nothing to anchor this mindless mess of a film.
  4. So bloated, self-righteous and exploitative, it's hard to imagine anyone staying to the end, much less demanding a sequel.
  5. A movie in which almost nothing works.
  6. Its motif is self-pity, Steers displays no particular way with a scene, and, as Igby, Culkin exudes none of the charm or charisma that might keep a more general audience even vaguely interested in his bratty character.
  7. It's bad enough that the lazy script substitutes goofy situations for actual gags, much of which falls flat under Rob Pritts' plodding direction, but Corky Romano finally sours in cynicism and hypocrisy.
    • 48 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    There are a number of funny and unexpected moments in the film, but they are ultimately swamped by the mean-spirited tone and increasingly over-the-top raunch and drug humor.
  8. Who is Cletis Tout? Who cares?
    • 29 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Unfortunately, this low-lowbrow comedy, which tries to pass itself off as a "Friday" crossed with "Legally Blonde," also does nothing to distinguish itself from recent urban flops "The Wash" and "Pootie Tang."
  9. A perfectly dreadful affair that makes no sense, has almost no good laughs and finally just sinks like a rock in a Beverly Hills swimming pool.
  10. So poorly constructed and so elementally banal that it's a shock the script was written by the same guy (Nicholas Kazan) who wrote such taut thrillers as "At Close Range" and "Reversal of Fortune."
  11. It's a sorry specimen if ever there was one, and could even stand as an argument for how the movies have deteriorated in recent years.
  12. Not faithful enough to be an adaptation, too misguided to be considered an interpretation, and not funny enough to be a parody, this film would do well not to advertise its inspiration.
  13. The kangaroo is devoid of charm, as are the actors, who have the chemistry of fingernails on a blackboard.
  14. It's so sloppy that the flashback montage includes clips from scenes that were cut from the film!
  15. Somebody in Hollywood thought taking "Some Like It Hot" and "Animal House," sticking them in a blender and serving in Dixie cups was a good idea. That somebody should be fired.
  16. It should have been a cut above the usual teen comedy. But it touches the same old bases in the same old dumb ways.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    In the annals of insufferable family entertainment, the VeggieTales set a new standard.
  17. So witless, sit-com shallow and bad in every way that it's just not worthy of much discussion.
  18. Insipid, overcooked and dull.
  19. A big dud.
  20. Rarely has paper-casting worked as dismally as it does for Jason Lee and Tom Green.
  21. As dreary an hour-and-a-half as you could ever want to spend at the movies.
  22. Idiotic.
  23. It's phony and forced, but mostly it's just silly. If there was once a satirical edge to this thriller, it's been programmed right out.
  24. Tries mightily to have the charm of "Bull Durham," but instead fields raunchy sex jokes, predictable story line, dumb dialogue and a lackluster love affair.
  25. First-time director Steve Beck hurls a dozen ghosts and probably a million dollars' worth of prosthetic makeup at us for a full 90 minutes, but it's old hat and not a bit scary.
  26. Since the expensive new movie version of the popular video game, Tomb Raider, is very true to its origins, it's a colossal bore.

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