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Average Movie review score: 65
Highest review score: 100 The Passenger (re-release)
Lowest review score: 0 See Spot Run
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2,749 movie reviews
  1. An endearing comedy that could well end up being one of the year's big hits.
  2. Melancholy, haunting and riveting true-crime saga.
  3. It's LaPaglia's finest, deepest role and he's matched by Armstrong, who makes Sonja's undaunting optimism palpable within a trying marriage that's gulping for breath.
  4. Confidently directed and elegantly designed, this smart drama is sensitive, sympathetic and refreshingly free of glib moralizing.
  5. Jewison handles this rich tapestry of non-linear scenes with the skill of the old pro he is, and carefully modulates the drama to create the maximum emotional impact.
  6. Has the sensibility of a Hollywood "woman's picture" of the '40s -- the weepie saga of a married woman trapped in an untenable situation.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    A thinker's film about the ever-shifting paradigm of man-woman relationships.
  7. A suspenseful, fascinating movie that milks the premise for all it's worth.
  8. In the face of intolerance, Two Family House lovingly celebrates the triumph of love and acceptance over prejudice.
  9. Varda sees herself as a gleaner as she searches for the people and cultural activities missed by the rest of the media.
  10. It has a terrific retro style, it's well-directed and it makes an engrossing showcase for its trio of stars.
  11. Many will find the subject matter disturbing, but it's clearly one of the holiday season's richest and most daring movie entries.
  12. A satisfyingly nasty piece of work so black and cruel it's often more sick than funny.
  13. As a goofy little fantasy, however, this film has loads of charm.
  14. From Harry's perspective, it's a grotesque life, a dead end for his new protege Michel, but Moll also shows the sensitivity beneath the sniping and that's where With a Friend Like Harry ... really scores
  15. It lacks history, background and cultural roots, but it's undeniably infectious.
  16. Its overall effect is haunting, hypnotic and moving in a profound and unexpected way.
  17. A delight, a vigorous, vibrant romantic comedy that mines emotional desperation and frustration for all its comic potential, but never at the expense of its temperamental heroine.
  18. Michell captures the awkwardness of real-world behavior with gentle, unforced humor.
  19. This devastating film is buoyed by Dequenne's bravura willingness to go all out; she's a baby-faced kid when the camera focuses full on and an exceptionally beautiful young woman in profile.
  20. An extraordinarily absorbing neo-realistic tragedy.
  21. Ullmann has honed a too-long and sometimes relentless film that delves into the selfishness of passion but also captures the elusiveness and unpredictability of love.
  22. It's compelling, poetic, rebellious, funny and one of the few movies that feels like it's been culled from another time and place yet broodingly bends modern societal taboos.
  23. If you can forgive some plot artifice and gloss, there's a seductively intuitive and resonant theme resting at the core of Jeremy Podeswa's haunting new film.
  24. Goes down like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot day.
  25. The funniest thing I've seen this summer.
  26. Above all, the film is just wonderfully ... well, Fellini-esque. It looks like nothing the cinema has seen since then.
  27. Deliciously dark tale of insidious seduction.
  28. Gunnarsson masterfully weaves these strands into a bold, multilayered tapestry surrounding a powerful story.
  29. An alternately angry and sad portrait, passionate in its presentation and moving in its portrayal of individuals who sacrifice their love for the tenets of their religion.

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