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  1. Hayek throws herself into this dream Hispanic role with a teeth-clenching gusto. She strikes a potent chemistry with Molina and she gradually makes us believe she is Kahlo.
  2. While Margot's casual cruelty and the scenes of squirmy discomfort are sometimes painful to watch, the rendering of this disastrous family reunion is seriously, savagely droll.
  3. A suspenseful, fascinating movie that milks the premise for all it's worth.
  4. It's an ingratiating star vehicle and elegant entertainment.
  5. I loved it...Without trying very hard, Farnsworth commands a unique and immensely appealing screen presence that could be called "a compilation of all the great western heroes of the movie past."
  6. An absorbing, exciting costume drama that works as a historical romance, a family tragedy and a showcase for its young stars.
  7. An inspirational documentary that treats thinkers (so often the villains of our entertainments) as heroes.
  8. Despite a few weak points, the most heavily dramatic Sandler vehicle to date is a striking, genuinely touching, meticulously well-acted friendship parable, and a big audience pleaser.
  9. Moves like a bullet and, even if they're overblown, the action sequences are still mostly exhilarating and hypnotic. Moreover, the film's human dimension and character development is richer and more rewarding than the genre requires, and its philosophical underpinning more intellectually audacious and seductive: The film is more of a mind-trip than I expected.
  10. Hammer filmed on location with local nonactors. Their lack of polish is evident -- Smith's inexpressiveness, though part of his character, is simply blank at times -- but their conviction can be just as powerful.
  11. Captures both the spirituality and humanity of monastic life.
  12. First-time director Ali Selim does an exceptional job throughout, his movie has the balance, uncluttered leanness and emotional impact of a Willa Cather short story, and it's no surprise that it has been nominated for Best First Feature in the 2007 Independent Spirit Awards.
  13. The casting also works. As the Khan, Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano ("Zatoichi") is all effortless charisma, and Chinese actor Honglei Sun (as his best friend-turned-enemy) and Mongolian actress Khulan Chuluun (as his faithful wife, Borte) are just as effective.
  14. It's not really scary, but it reaches a level of insanity so unhinged and dispassionately wretched that it defies description. Inspired, but not for all tastes.
  15. The social commentary isn't subtle, but Romero delivers the goods so effectively that many won't even notice.
  16. Deliciously dark tale of insidious seduction.
  17. Fumbling characters find that survival is not a matter of economics alone, it's also a matter of hope.
  18. The restrained drama both punctures the mythic ideal of the samurai culture (trained as fighters, they mostly serve as clan bureaucrats) and spins a romantic portrait of one man who values principle over protocol despite the cost to his reputation.
  19. Saw
    The filmmakers piece it together with almost clockwork perfection and deliver it with masterful misdirection, creating the most ingenious, eccentric and brazenly jaundiced psycho-thriller to come along in years.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Uses sports as metaphor for life with rare twist.
  20. Movie is so hip-swingingly infectious and leaves us with such a high that it's hard not to suspect that -- handled right -- it could well become the fall version of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."
  21. Too bad they didn't skip the gags and one-liners, along with the songs, and go the distance in making this an authentic dinosaur world.
  22. Underworld opera of the bravura kind, this is driven, like most Hong Kong action, more by emotion than logic.
  23. In its final scenes, when truth and superstition collide, the film becomes more preposterous than anything Penn may have contrived earlier.
  24. Another harrowingly cynical dirty-cop movie in the recent tradition of "Training Day" and "Narc." Yet it's so much more complex, engrossing and satisfying than those films that the comparison is not entirely fair.
  25. A gripping, terrifying, profoundly touching human drama that's definitely worth seeing.
  26. It has a terrific retro style, it's well-directed and it makes an engrossing showcase for its trio of stars.
  27. Mesmerizing and curiously satisfying idyll that gradually, slyly maneuvers us into a whole new way of looking at the delicate relationship between man, art and Mother Nature.
  28. Jewison handles this rich tapestry of non-linear scenes with the skill of the old pro he is, and carefully modulates the drama to create the maximum emotional impact.
    • 78 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    The first half of the movie is repetitive, and threatens to become more about Steidle than the conflict. The second half picks up considerably as we see him actively trying to alert the U.S. government to the atrocities.

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