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  1. The sudden turns of temperament are a treat after the smart-ass attitude of American horror flicks, and the film is full of minor surprises, squirming in unexpected directions without leaving the conventions behind.
  2. It's a richly textured, leisurely paced, visually impressionistic epic of the American past that fairly hypnotizes the viewer with its tapestry of sights, sounds and colors.
  3. It's by far the most inspirational sports movie to come along in many a month.
  4. It's a terrific movie -- intelligent, magnificently acted, highly compelling as a thriller, and downright scary in its implications for the corporate-run world of the new millennium.
  5. That rare animal, a dialogue-driven comedy -- and a good one at that. While one or two of its scenes may seem a tad too talky for today's low-attention spans, the script is mostly razor-sharp acerbic and sophisticated.
  6. Reminds us of just how exciting and satisfying the fantasy cinema can be when it's approached with imagination and flair.
  7. A funny, rousing crowd-pleaser.
  8. There's still nothing quite as thrilling on the screen as the spectacle of an icon movie star in a perfectly tailored role.
  9. In Wonderland, Winterbottom has found a script worthy of his passion.
  10. The movie is a delicious, consistently hilarious screwball farce that gives Clooney his best comedy role to date and should finally, forever, lift the Coens into the wide-release movie mainstream.
  11. It's a well-crafted, intelligent, no-nonsense western epic that zips us through the famous siege and the birth of Texas with style, verve and impressive historical accuracy.
  12. Some will find the surprise pleasant, others unpleasant. Whatever it is, it's the least commercial, most somberly heartfelt movie ever made by the cinema's most commercially successful filmmaker.
  13. So devoid of the usual coarse Hollywood calculation that it plays like a breath of fresh air.
  14. It's an uncluttered, resonant gem that relays its universal points without lectures or confrontations.
  15. An exhilarating musical experience.
  16. Mehta's feisty, featherweight romantic comedy makes the case that even the most flamboyant cinematic conventions are as universal as they are exotic, especially when they conspire to produce that glow of happily ever after.
  17. A film more textural than narrative, it's for viewers willing to lose themselves in a truly sensual jungle experience.
  18. A happy surprise: a timely antidote to the comic-book mindlessness of "Spider-Man" and repetitive space fantasy of "Star Wars," and an encouraging bid from the top of the A-list to once again reach very high and spit in the face of the gutless formula filmmaking that rules Hollywood.
  19. There's nothing harder for an actor to play than a thoroughly good character, and Staunton does it with a dowdy, sublime originality.
  20. It's a volatile subject and Abu-Assad's thoughtful thriller stokes the debate.
  21. Ultimately the ballet performances, and notably the work of Stiefel, a star with American Ballet Theatre, are the only moments that deserve center stage.
  22. Despite the raw gut-punch of its direction, its power lies in compassion, not sensationalism.
  23. An absorbing and fulfilling experience -- even though it ends with a question mark.
  24. Changeling doesn't care if you love it or hate it, it makes no compromises to fashion and it's charged with that unmistakable assurance of a master filmmaker at his creative peak.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Korine's latest film, Mister Lonely, is no different, but this film has a sweetness that has rarely, if ever, been present in his previous work.
  25. It's a big enough film to hold all the contradictions. Green has an ego and a gift for stealing the spotlight with a wink and a grin. Yet his respect for the kids is genuine.
  26. An uncompromising and ultimately chilling look at individual creativity trampled by corporate greed, and its timing could not be more appropriate.
  27. The film is a charming little romantic comedy based on a high-concept premise - one of those fraudulent marriages whereby an alien marries an American citizen to get his green card, or permanent residency. [11 Jan 1991, p. 6]
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  28. Technically, the film is consistently impressive. It creates a grimly gothic vision of a crime-ridden and depression-ravaged Gotham City, a dandy pair of chase sequences involving the new generation Batmobile and a range of innovative visual effects.
  29. An engrossing study in abnormal psychology, an inspirational drama that tells us a determined man really can do anything his mind can envision and is the first film that plays on what could become a phenomenon of the new millennium: World Trade Center nostalgia.

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