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2,749 movie reviews
  1. An empowering film for children, showing them at their most capable, working through problems and finding innovative solutions to overcome what seems like an insurmountable obstacle.
  2. A highly entertaining film that still packs much of the punch and the quirkiness of Willeford's novel.
  3. An edgy comedy with heart.
  4. Breathtaking visual accomplishment.
  5. An almost documentary reality and voyeuristic appeal.
  6. For the most part, it's imaginatively staged and consistently entertaining.
  7. Outside national borders, this naive vantage point is an entry into a country's history and culture, explaining without seeming patronizing.
  8. The Cockettes is a fascinating poke into the soul of the '60s and it moves past a simple chronology of a counterculture phenomenon to examine how this predecessor to glitter rock and camp movies, such as "The Rocky Horror Show," could ever have ascended to such heights.
  9. Cronenberg is one of the cinema's true originals, and a trip to his spooky world is always a harrowing, thought-provoking experience.
  10. A welcome return to the courtship, cuddling and sweet nothings of yesteryear.
  11. I guess there's something grizzled old codgers like Clint can teach those young hotshots after all.
  12. The stars ultimately carry the day, the film cumulatively builds both an emotional power and tender wisdom that's very affecting.
  13. All told, it's a reasonably effective movie, but it might have been a lot more effective had it the guts to portray a Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden-like character as its villain instead of this rather unbelievable, but more politically correct, gaggle of cardboard neo-Nazis.
  14. A rather likable and very sweet-spirited story.
  15. Truly raunchy but it's more sweetly stupid and silly than anything.
  16. It's hard to figure exactly what the point of this movie is -- except maybe to expose the myth of samurai machismo.
  17. Murders aside, Mac and Pat are the most fun-loving Shakespearean couple to hit the screen, and Morrissette's answer to Lady Macbeth's damned spot is brilliant.
  18. Like Lurie's previous two films, it's also simplistic and somewhat muddled.
  19. With the story's vivid and passionate women and the power of emotional healing (not to mention the intense eroticism of his hothouse romance), gives Sex and Lucia a dynamic, vigorous life.
  20. Has the modesty of a savvy, smart drive-in movie with Hollywood studio polish and a movie buff's loving care.
  21. Difficult to weigh and rate precisely because it deals with real life and real people.
  22. What emerges is a funny and sometimes aching movie that treads familiar dysfunctional family turf but still manages to eke out an emotionally toned balance.
  23. It offers no special insights into its subject, it doesn't connect on any higher level, and it left me feeling vaguely dissatisfied and let down.
  24. A summer movie that knows it's a summer movie. You don't go to this film for the story, but for the scenery: Bikini-clad girls riding waves, surf photography as beautiful as it is breathtaking, sun, surf, sand, even a little PG-13 romance.
  25. A strange and convoluted film that is as rewarding as a Dylan song, and just as perplexing.
  26. A comedy of miscommunication that blends the humanism of Jean Renoir, the magic of Jean Cocteau and the absurdism of Eugene Ionesco.
  27. The music is truly the thing in Songcatcher and it's awesome, haunting stuff.
  28. Much of the film is oddly ambiguous, as if Tran used it to explore conflicts of tradition and modernity and never came up with any answers.
  29. It makes for chuckling entertainment and it's fun to watch as it's happening. But its New York characters are not a bit believable, there's no real bite to the humor, and the film never adds up to be more than the sum of its parts.
  30. It's a sumptuous mood piece.

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