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960 movie reviews
  1. This send-up of current horror movies is a go-for-broke hoot, a hot mess of a comedy that doesn’t have a lick of sense. And knowing that going in adds to the often knee-slapping laughs.
  2. With stately surroundings and hissable villains, director Amma Assante imbues the finale with such dramatic resonance that Belle becomes a ringing proclamation of human dignity.
  3. As predictable as a 3-and-0 pitch down the middle, but when it’s baseball season, who wants dark clouds?
  4. You can tell by some loose threads and hurried workmanship that God’s Pocket is a knock-off, but it’s so stuffed with value, it’s an offer you can’t refuse.
  5. How could you not marvel at a movie that includes a revisionist explanation of the JFK assassination, a football stadium floating over the White House and the sight of Richard Nixon firing a .45 at a villain in a Christ-figure pose?
  6. The Immigrant is not unlike a Prohibition-era “Taxi Driver,” with Cotillard as the apprentice hooker, Phoenix as the sweet-talking pimp and Jeremy Renner (playing the theater’s magician, Orlando) as the would-be savior.
  7. Cold in July has all the qualifications of a midnight movie in the making.
  8. Although Steadman’s artwork seems like sloppy pen-and-ink caricature, there’s a method to the madness.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    With its excellent, offbeat cast, its sprightly pacing and its goofy tone, Tremors is the kind of movie that propels you out of the theater with a grin on your face. [26 Jan 1990, p.3F]
    • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  9. The sharp writing and tag-team antics lift 22 Jump Street to a high level.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Thankfully, all of the voice actors from the original return, including Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill and Craig Ferguson, and keep lightening the mood.
  10. Sorry, partisans, but there’s nothing obvious about Obvious Child.
  11. Doggedly indie but unpretentious, Begin Again is one of the best movies I’ve seen about the music industry and the ways it changes people whose paths diverge.
  12. In one of the most wickedly funny scenes in sci-fi history, Koba uses monkeyshines to bamboozle some gun-toting yahoos and scuttle the peace treaty.
  13. Mainstream audiences will note that Hudson has never been better and that the tearjerking taps into something universal. For audiences seeking shelter from superhero carnage, Wish I Was Here is a lovely place to be.
  14. A film that aims for the stars and may have found one here on earth.
  15. Like black coffee that's flung in our face, The Killer Inside Me silences the question of whether it's good or bad. But for darn sure, it's strong.
  16. Cameos from actors portraying Little Richard, Mick Jagger, Frankie Avalon and Alan Leeds add up to some fun.
  17. Gleeson is great as the troubled, conscientious priest, but until an abruptly shocking finale, his fatalism turns the ticking clock into a congested hourglass.
  18. While director Michael Roskam lays the groundwork for a heist thriller, The Drop is fueled by character, not plot.
  19. This long, ludicrous soap opera is also a mighty spectacle, a new standard in disengaged destruction.
  20. To their credit, the creative team has retained the handmade look and unruly spirit of Maurice Sendak's bedtime fable; to their discredit, they haven't added enough narrative or emotional dimension to make it an effective movie.
  21. This broadside against sharia law lacks the finesse of an import, but it's effectively melodramatic.
  22. We're left with an impression of a vivacious pioneer; but warm shouldn't have to mean fuzzy.
  23. The actress and the aviatrix are a match made in heaven, but surrounding the soaring performance is a movie that's mostly earthbound.
  24. The Road has the signposts of an important film, but it lacks the diversions of an inviting trip.
  25. This quasi-horror film has the great director's usual craftsmanship and a stellar cast, but ultimately it's an infuriating trick that makes its most provocative ideas disappear.
  26. Although the film begins promisingly, it proves to be little more than a soap opera.
  27. The result is only half as hip as hoped. Yes, this Holmes is leaner and meaner, and Watson (Jude Law) is nearly his equal. But there’s still something fussy about the result, as if bobbies had broken up the party at 11:59.
  28. This movie may be sickly sweet, but it's harmless; and as a handcrafted antidote to a toxic toy story like "G.I.Joe," Paper Heart has healing properties.

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