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Average Movie review score: 68
Highest review score: 100 Guardians of the Galaxy
Lowest review score: 25 New Year's Eve
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  1. Negative: 68 out of 956
956 movie reviews
  1. As phony as a poodle-skirted waitress at a mall diner, yet it's as sweet as a malt. A vanilla one.
  2. The premise is pure formula.
  3. A bizarre buffet of buffoonery, brutality and beautiful landscapes.
  4. Like Ernest Borgnine, Philip Seymour Hoffman is an unconventional leading man with an Oscar on his mantle, and his bittersweet Jack Goes Boating has elicited comparisons with "Marty."
  5. Only a heartfelt performance by Diane Lane rescues the film from abject mediocrity.
  6. Waiting for Superman raises important questions while wearing a big red heart on its chest, but inconvenient facts are its kryptonite.
    • 58 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    It's intellectual snack food, satisfying for a little while but always leaving you hungry for more.
  7. Tangled is lovely to look at, but if you're not a pre-teen girl, you may be distracted by the split ends.
  8. In skewering the neuroses of New York bohemians, Durham has left us too little to care about.
  9. Plays as if Tillman studied the works of director Michael Mann ("Heat"), but got a C on the final exam.
  10. Successful in small doses, but the full regimen needed more testing.
  11. Pregnant with possibility; it's the delivery that disappoints.
  12. It's a triumph of streamlined design, but TRON: Legacy never enters the fourth dimension where it's worth a plugged nickel to humans.
  13. You would expect an epic with brains and hearts. Instead we settle for sturdy craft, with a stellar cast struggling to breathe life into the cold material.
  14. That's right - this is an exorcism movie that those who actually saw "The Exorcist" in theaters can get into.
  15. The saving grace of Biutiful is Bardem.
  16. As a drama about coping with hard times, The Company Men doesn't come close to being as sharp or entertaining as "Up in the Air" - which starred Wells' "ER" associate George Clooney.
  17. Barney's Version has episodes instead of plot, outbursts instead of wit and alibis instead of growth.
  18. It's pure speculation on the filmmakers' part that Gaelic pagans were adorned with bones, blue mud and Mohawks, but the fire-dancing spectacle is a welcome respite from the beefcake of the journey scenes.
  19. On a minute-to-minute level, it's an engaging mystery, the kind that rewards our participation with eye candy and adrenaline shots. But when we pull back for an overview, we see that it's flat and that pieces are missing.
  20. Hits most of the markers of a flashback film but not enough of the beats.
  21. Director Dereck Joubert gleans a valuable thread that connects us to these endangered creatures.
  22. Strikes an uneasy compromise between liberty and justice. It marches at an efficient pace, but there's too much collateral damage to believability.
  23. It's a compelling tale of surf and survival.
  24. Call it "On the Lakefront." Or "Pretty-Good Fellas."
  25. Rio
    Notwithstanding some allusions to "Lady and the Tramp," the characters and their comic high jinks are nothing special, but the the getaway gives us spectacular 3-D images of the city.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    A fairy-tale teenage romantic comedy that makes "The Breakfast Club" look edgy. And that's just fine, because this Disney product does straight-laced fairly well.
  26. With its references to other properties in the Marvel universe and to classic tales of redemption, this no-surprises summer movie might appeal to those who've been bitten by radioactive spiders or the Shakespeare bug.
  27. Canadian director Denis Villaneuve knows how to stoke a hot debate about the legacy of violence. But in this case, where there's smoke, there's not enough air.
  28. L'amour fou means "crazy love," but we don't learn anything crazy about these devoted lovers.

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