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  1. Stone isn't for everyone. But for all its shortcomings, it is courageously original.
  2. An entertaining tour of Tinseltown served with poisoned popcorn.
  3. Titanic technical achievement.
  4. The movie is more of a character study than a biography, as Bernstein dispenses his gentle wit and wisdom for the camera and for an elite class of student.
  5. Summer Wars has engineered a truce between the familiar and the fantastical.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Weighty issues such as war and divorce are mentioned, but the serious themes pass quickly. The lighthearted story always takes precedent over the special effects, but a scene involving swimming piglets will have kids flashing a sea of smiles.
  6. If you root for documentaries with heart, The Other Dream Team is a slam dunk.
  7. After we hear the hit parade that poured from rural Alabama and meet the men who led it to the top of the charts, we realize that Muscle Shoals could call itself Hitsville, USA.
  8. The sharpest parts of the movie hack through the Hollywood jungle with an insider's certitude. But Apatow is so grounded in the comedy circuit that he can't quite capture the emotional wavelength of the life-and-death drama.
  9. In the infidelity drama Leaving, British reserve gets overtaken by French passion, and the subsequent events have the horrific momentum of a slow-motion car crash.
  10. This true story does a great service by honoring the memory of 22 brave men and women and by dramatizing the internal debates within the French population. But in staying true to life, it sacrifices some of the pacing and clarity of a conventional thriller.
  11. The story is sustained by the stubborn love between the siblings and by the conviction of the two fine actors who portray them.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    The film combines a pinch of morality with a healthy dose of humor to produce a movie that's entertaining for everyone.
  12. If you’re looking for a film that’s just about guaranteed to make you feel good, you’d be well advised to drop by Daddy’s Home.
  13. Moviegoers looking for a thrill should go into The Cabin in the Woods knowing as little as possible about the film.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    While Career Girls has an overall somber tone, it is sparked by Leigh's humor and the actresses' - particularly Hannah's - verbal quickness... While the film may not be very satisfying to viewers, it is intriguing to watch Leigh's work and to see the women's characters develop. [22 Aug. 1997, p.6E]
    • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  14. After watching the trailers, I was expecting torture, but this smart, subversive movie made me laugh. So shoot me.
  15. Cinema often shines a light on stories that might have been lost to history, and that’s certainly true of A United Kingdom.
  16. If you require a plot, look elsewhere.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Bad Moms starts with an edge but eventually turns sentimental. The most entertaining and honest moments zero in on motherhood and friendship — and busting the rules of the PTA.
  17. Mainstream moviemaking at its most proficient, with a zippy script, comfort-food casting and a breakout performance by a deserving star.
  18. This stylish film reminds us that great images endure after bodies and buildings crumble.
  19. The documentary ends on a hopeful note, as Indians themselves have taken control of their image.
  20. It's a tart trifle, but in the madding crowd of year-end movies, Tamara Drewe rocks.
  21. Mainstream audiences will note that Hudson has never been better and that the tearjerking taps into something universal. For audiences seeking shelter from superhero carnage, Wish I Was Here is a lovely place to be.
  22. While Walt and El Grupo is less than a penetrating analysis, it's more than a Mickey Mouse advertisement.
  23. Because the movie captures the period so well and argues so convincingly that the Runaways' very existence was revolutionary, it doesn't have to exaggerate the highs and lows to create a more salable story.
  24. An ideal showcase for Tomlin, who brings to the film a winning blend of contrariness and effervescence.
  25. While the big-headed, spindly puppets don't evoke enough emotion to make the movie a must-see, Burton's 3-D design team pours its heart into the monochrome surroundings, from the suburban décor to Victor's laboratory to the carnival midway.
  26. Turturro, who previously directed a musical called "Romance and Cigarettes," lingers on the sensual movements of the performers and the character faces of the onlookers.

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