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556 movie reviews
  1. It's as slick and fun as summertime entertainment should be. Downey is still an arresting presence, glib to the nth degree and supremely confident that he's smarter than anyone else.
  2. Even as Touching Home finds those moments, it's easier to appreciate the stars' dedication to a grass roots project than the project itself.
  3. What kept me laughing is the genuine camaraderie among Sandler's posse, the way they almost play themselves that perfectly suits this slim material.
  4. Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky is an elegant scandal almost devoid of true passion, no matter how many times the nude lovers artfully mingle.
  5. Steve Carell's character in Dinner for Schmucks is almost too pitiful for the jokes launched against him to be funny. It is a terrific performance making everyone else's condescension sound harsher than the writers likely intended.
  6. The heist movie genre gets a hip-hop makeover in Takers, a movie loaded with as much style as ammunition.
  7. RED
    It's an amusing geriatric uprising that might just as well be titled "Gray."
  8. Nobody can disagree that Waiting for Superman deals with a subject demanding attention. But it paints the engulfing problems of U.S. education with a brush too broad and samples too small to be definitive.
  9. Imagination is the key element that Conviction lacks.
  10. The Tourist is less likely to be remembered for its cat-and-mouse machinations than for the beautiful people carrying them out.
  11. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ends on a perfectly appropriate note, recapturing a childish sense of wonder and an earnest approach to Lewis' religious allegory.
  12. Part 1 of Harry Potter's long goodbye is technically impressive as usual, especially an animated shadow play explaining the whole Deathly Hallows myth.
  13. Burlesque is what happens when an irresistible sex object like Aguilera meets Cher's immovable upper lip. It isn't always pretty but on occasion it's guiltily pleasurable.
  14. For Colored Girls is blessed with a Murderer's Row of black female actors, each tearing ferociously into Shange's words and gamely hanging on through Perry's.
  15. Only a spunky cast prevents the film from being as tedious as a test pattern.
  16. It's a nice pairing of singular personalities deserving better material, or a shorter leash on the improv.
  17. When director Joseph Kosinski flips the switch on action, TRON: Legacy is entertaining enough. Especially in 3D IMAX, with a mega-audio system booming Deft Punk's droning Xbox-ready musical score, nearly drowning out the collisions.
  18. Yes, The Eagle is as bad as it sounds but also entertaining, in a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" sort of way that Macdonald didn't intend.
  19. Giamatti is a superb expressionist of emotional flotsam, with a Golden Globe for his effort.
  20. The next step in Matthew McConaughey's inevitable march to network television is The Lincoln Lawyer, a pilot disguised as a feature-length movie, with an entire season's arc crammed into two hours.
  21. A fitfully entertaining movie in an awkward position; too arty for the action crowd yet too unsubtle for more refined tastes.
  22. The sermons are subtle, raising the film's chances of crossing over to secular audiences. Soul Surfer is so clean that it squeaks, but sometimes that's a nice change of pace.
  23. The standout in Win Win is Alex Shaffer, a former New Jersey state champion cast as Kyle.
  24. All that director Kenneth Branagh must do with Thor is not mess it up, and he succeeds. But that isn't enough. The results aren't as exhilarating as the first "Iron Man," but Downey can't play every superhero.
  25. The pleasant surprises in Larry Crowne come from its side characters.
  26. There are laughs that stick in your throat, when they aren't broad strokes shattering a forlorn mood that occasionally makes the movie feel like a companion piece to "Magnolia," or any film depicting downbeat people realizing they have more sorrow in common than expected.
  27. Certainly amusing, but it never accelerates past one-note characters playing out separate personal crises in ways that aren't surprising.
  28. It's a nice movie, and can certainly be inspirational for the proper audiences.
  29. The most succinct evidence that Shakespeare was a fraud is offered by Derek Jacobi in prologue and epilogue, alone on a Broadway stage before a rapt audience. As usual in matters of the Bard, the play's the thing.
  30. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is boldly dull in protest to modern movie tastes, and that alone may earn it more praise than it deserves.

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