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848 movie reviews
  1. Carnage gives Polanski the best opportunity to express his devilish sense of humor in decades, proving again that comedy really is tragedy happening to someone else.
  2. Efron makes hay with his richest role post-High School Musical, making Dean a rural rake with conflicting charisma.
  3. The globetrotting is reined in, the mayhem at each stop just as exciting. Renner is a sturdy action hero, with an interesting face that unlike Damon's appears to have taken a punch or two.
  4. Elysium proves better at social polemics than escapism, a balancing act Blomkamp managed well in District 9, with its allegory of South Africa's apartheid era.
  5. What's fun is how the new Karate Kid embraces and vastly improves the cliches, keeping the plot cleverly updated for a generation that never heard of Ralph Macchio.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    Director Derek Cianfrance attempts to bring the emotional rawness of his previous films and influences to the melodrama genre with The Light Between Oceans, but he never quite pulls off the feat.
  6. For the initiated, however, Alfredson weaves a tidy web from loose ends left dangling.
  7. Watching Spectre unfold, lumbering and slumbering, on the heels of a franchise high is a shock, so much talent coasting this time.
  8. If comic book movies are the last place you look for a soulful, serious performance, The Wolverine should be your first.
  9. Magic Mike XXL is darker, and between money-rain showers, duller. It's the movie many feared the original would be.
  10. Ghostbusters is back, it's not bad, get used to it.
  11. Certainly amusing, but it never accelerates past one-note characters playing out separate personal crises in ways that aren't surprising.
  12. It's a movie that grows on you, after grating your nerves while viewing it.
  13. Spike Lee's cinematographer Ernest R. Dickerson demonstrates he has the juice to be a top-notch director with Juice. His directorial debut commands respect. What it needs is a deeper story to match its fine acting and visual panache. [17 Jan 1992, p.5]
    • Tampa Bay Times
  14. Any resemblance between Allied and a much better movie on the subject isn't coincidental but unfortunate.
  15. When director Paul Feig — who revitalized feminine comedy with "Bridesmaids" — allows McCarthy's improvisational instincts to take over because, honestly, nobody else in the cast can stand up to her. McCarthy is the best thing about The Heat.
  16. There's a surprising number of salient, even revolutionary notions about human nature and intelligence throughout, none fully explored but enough to make the running time at least 20 minutes too long.
  17. It's a valuable history lesson crammed into a creatively uninspired movie. Wiki-cinema, if you will.
  18. RED
    It's an amusing geriatric uprising that might just as well be titled "Gray."
  19. The Beaver plays like a thickly veiled confessional and plea for forgiveness. It's too creepy for comfort.
  20. While the result isn't the greatest show on Earth, it certainly is a lot of fun.
  21. Conveying a visceral sense of warfare's terror is what Berg chiefly seeks, and on that level Lone Survivor handily succeeds.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    The R-rated Bad Moms channels the raunch in a liberating, hilarious way.
  22. If you prefer hipster romantic comedies that are unromantic and not too funny, Lee Toland Krieger's movie may be your grande half-caf caramel mocha frappe.
  23. Jordan makes performing in front of a camera look as easy as everything else he has attempted in his storied life except baseball. Bugs Bunny and the gang are old pros at that. There are some genuine surprises in the special effects expertise on display. [15 Nov 1996, p.3]
    • Tampa Bay Times
  24. Woo directs Mission: Impossible 2 cautiously, as if still introducing himself to U.S. audiences despite Face-Off and Broken Arrow. Or maybe he has nothing left to say about the poetry of violence after such visual eloquence in his Chinese classics. [24 May 2000, p.1D]
    • Tampa Bay Times
  25. There is a genuinely epic quality to Unbroken, cribbed from masters and capably traced. That's really all this inspiring story needs.
  26. An efficiently preposterous thriller.
  27. Rules Don't Apply is affably mediocre, even tolerable between brief pleasures. The movie's lone constant amusement is Beatty's madcap portrayal of Hughes, keeping aloft his Spruce Goose of nonromantic not quite comedy.
  28. As far as sophisticated caper flicks go, Tower Heist is oceans away from George Clooney's crew. Compared to other recent comedies, it's pretty light on the laughs.

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