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  1. Even those who don’t have such a personal connection to the series will be captivated by the documentary.
  2. As Aminata Diallo (Aunjanue Ellis) reminds herself and others repeatedly, one must never give up--and it’s this steadfast hope that makes the story a particularly compelling television event.
  3. Everything about The Slap feels manipulated — you can smell the smoke off the puppet strings as the characters are jerked into being jerks. And that's just the pilot. The anvil drops more often and with more velocity in the second episode.
  4. Around the fourth or fifth episode of Schitt’s Creek, the family’s behavior starts to become a smidge less predictable: David decides to sell his pricey wardrobe; Alexis finds herself attracted to a bearded environmentalist; Johnny and Moira display genuine affection for each other. These moments signal the small-town comedy just might have room to grow.
  5. Chalk up another forceful punch with Bloodline, a riveting, superbly cast slow-burn family drama set between the oceanfront paradise and the murky mangrove swamps of the Florida Keys.
  6. Allegiance is a broadcast network series that doesn't have the writing or the acting chops to compete with its FX counterpart. The series is, however, entertaining on its own merits.
  7. Fresh Off the Boat finds jokes in plenty of other, non-racial issues, and that’s often the bonus that gives you confidence this is a show with legs.
  8. The Americans not only built on its impressive first season when the second came around, but the first four episodes of season three find it rising to new creative heights yet again.
  9. Everything in the Novacks' life is portrayed as being over the top, and Beautiful & Twisted's setup certainly matches that tone. What doesn't quite match up is the acting. Lowe's narration fits as apologetically irreverent, but Vega's performance is somewhere between Showgirls and a Dateline special.
  10. Backstrom is pretty bad on a number of levels and can't ultimately be forgiven for wasting Dennis Haysbert.
  11. The first hour moves slower than people might be expecting, but builds to and ends on a wonderful cliff-hanger that is partly but not fully solved in the second episode.
  12. As for first impressions, I liked it. ... Slight nitpicking should not obscure the fact that overall Wilmore was funny; his show was smart and thoughtful, has a bright future and seems an excellent fit with Stewart and the Comedy Central brand.
  13. The decision to focus just on Houston's most meteorically successful years--where, for a little while, she probably was happy--makes Whitney a fairly flattering portrait that is only lightly a cautionary tale.
  14. Under the manic editing, dance floor strobe lights, forced drama and snippets of the New Kids singing, dancing and shirtless, is a documentary that does what a good documentary should strive for: to shine a light on some aspect of culture that hasn't previously been examined.
  15. Some of [the often simple but absurd comedy] was lighter in spots than others, but the series has a very distinctive comedic voice and a striking visual approach that it keeps up through the episodes
  16. Eye Candy is fractured and campy, with mind-numbing dialogue and a total lack of plausibility.
  17. A pretty gritty and compelling drama.
  18. There are moments in Togetherness where it's extremely impressive witnessing the layered nuances that Zissis and the Duplasses create. Though Peet and especially Zissis get the funnier lines and situations, there's a very palpable element of sadness to their characters as well.
  19. As it stands after two entertaining episodes, there's a lot that Agent Carter can do going forward. It already feels like a series, and if it can keep that up--plus highlight the hell out of Hayley Atwell--then a second season should come easy.
  20. Empire is a big swing for Fox, and there are a number of question marks and stumbling blocks within it, but ultimately its entertainment level transcends the worries.
  21. There's still plenty of room for Hindsight to grow, and plenty of reasons to stick around for it to happen. Crucially, the show is ultimately more than the sum of its scrunchies, beepers and AOL accounts.
  22. Coppola and Schwartzman, who has a great cameo about a reporter doing a podcast, dole out just enough in these half-hour episodes to keep it light, funny and (by the fourth episode) a bit more brazenly quirky, while also not losing touch with the story's core--which is the music.
  23. Ascension has tons of potential and meets a little more than half of it in this early going.
  24. Creatively, it’s just a middling mess--something so average that a basic cable channel could have duplicated it without all the foreign travel for about $84 million less.
  25. Both the writing and the directing fall short in One Child, leaving good actors to work with material that’s mostly not there and viewers reminded of the fact that good intentions are not always enough.
  26. So it was a night where Williams and Walken, at disparate ends of the live performance, gave a lot to their roles and to the success of the night. It wasn't flawless (and if you factor in the moments when Walken seemed to be particularly awash in the lights, maybe you'll be crueler about the overall quality), but it was entertaining enough for three hours of live song and dance.
  27. It is at times charming and different, and a good fit for Lifetime. It just falls short of a higher calling.
  28. You want to watch more episodes of this series not just because it’s funny, but because it understands that the emotionally complex elements of loving someone, marrying them and having kids with them are probably the reasons marriage tears two people apart over time.
  29. A Royal Christmas hits all the notes it should in a diverting way: there's an obligatory ball preparation montage, Emily learning how to waltz thanks to Victor, as well as a show-stopping staircase descent. Lessons are learned, snow falls, and love prevails.
  30. Impressively, writers Tim Hill (SpongeBob SquarePants) and Jeff Morris (The Honor System) do Lifetime's meme-centric movie a great service by making it constantly snarky and self-aware. Everyone is in on the joke that it's ridiculous, and the movie plays up to that while still executing a workable plot.

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