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458 movie reviews
  1. Ford would probably have grumbled about some things in this picture--some moments of confusion about who is who--but he might have been pleased to see that his influence, so marked in many countries' films, had reached China and Tibet.
  2. Whatever the plot, it is soothing to be in the company of Fanny Ardant, who plays Catherine and whose twenty-five-year career is dotted with small treasures.
  3. Whatever the outcome of all this hugger-mugger, as yet unresolved, Stolen gives us hints about a special sort of muscle.
  4. To see the flight captain and co-pilot checking the plane before takeoff, to watch the varied passengers settling into their seats, is more agonizing than watching passengers board the ship in all those "Titanic" films. With United 93 we see these people unknowingly stepping into a history that is still in terrible process. But as a work in (let's call it) the Akhmatova mode, it does not and could not succeed.
  5. If only Cantet and Robin Campillo (who based their screenplay on stories by Dany Lafèrriere) had balanced the sexual and political elements more acutely, the result could have been searing.
  6. So much of this adaptation is engrossing that the script's additions are jarring.
  7. Stone has concentrated on one of the catastrophe's stories and has fashioned it well--with almost palpable physical detail, and with performances that never sink to exploitation.
  8. Embedded here in a culture of formalities, with some of the arcs and gestures of that culture, it almost becomes an opera of its own.
  9. Especially in the moving moments, this film prods us into a kind of reproof. Kushner is now fifty, a prime writing age, and we want more.
  10. McGrath says that he considers his film to be lighter in tone than TC 1, which is baffling. The reverse seems the case.
  11. Admittedly, the setting does heighten interest, but this film is much more than an ideational travelogue.
  12. This film is a valuable signet of Wilson's carefully articulated independence.
  13. At the last, despite the modern touches in Bennett's screenplay, The History Boys fills the traditional bill. Wellington would probably not be too upset by it. Eventually it tells us that Waterloo is still in pretty good hands.
  14. Burman is particularly good at the tiny details that become recognition points in daily patterns.
  15. Melancholy but enjoyable.
  16. It is the two leading performances that make the film seem almost to reach down and embrace us.
  17. The dialogue is bright, historically styled yet lithe; the characterizations are graphic even with minor people.
  18. The picture tries hard for addictive mystery, but it is full of scenes that promise insight and don't deliver.
  19. A story that is still healthfully discomfiting to remember.
  20. Entertaining though The Hoax is, the film that I imagined before I saw it was better.
  21. The chief pleasure in the picture (set in Los Angeles) is in watching Hopkins spin off another of his nutty self-possessed intellectual criminals--this time it's Hannibal Lecter lite.
  22. And Jesus Ochoa, the veteran actor who plays Diego, makes us jealous of Mexico. How easily powerful he is, how complex without pretense.
  23. Eastwood has never seemed less the persona he has built through the decades, the calm yet commanding center of a storm.
  24. The result is not a quilt, just a succession of story snippets that keep interrupting one another.
  25. More amusing than exciting. [19 June 1989, p.28]
    • The New Republic
  26. Many sequences, many moments, are turned skillfully, and the look of the film is much of the time breathtaking. Yet, for its entire two hours and fifteen minutes, we merely watch it. It is there. We are here, regrettably objective.
  27. The gem in this rag pile is Cameron Diaz as Mary: quick, witty, pretty, warm. There is something about Mary. [17 Aug 1998]
    • The New Republic
  28. The Hughes brothers' directing compensates a good bit for the story's predictability. [5 July 1993, p.26]
    • The New Republic
  29. Bonham Carter is like an undergraduate in a university production who seems rather good considering that her performance is only an intelligent diversion while she prepares herself for a career in another field. [24 Mar 1986]
    • The New Republic
  30. The film is merely a succession of odd events. But those events are interesting, and the texture of the village's life is full-fashioned.

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