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9,645 movie reviews
  1. What Horrible Bosses 2 lacks in nasty repartee, it tries to make up for in poorly staged comedy chases and break-ins. It is the Hollywood equivalent of a rambunctious little boy pointing to the toilet and squealing, “Mommy, look what I made!”
  2. Bottom-feeding monstrosity of a comedy.
  3. An excruciating demonstration of the unsalvageability of a movie saddled with an amateurish screenplay.
  4. The picture is a smeary, dreary mess from start to finish.
  5. It's a little sad to see actors of the quality of Christopher Plummer and Jonny Lee Miller struggling straight- faced to dignify this sewage.
  6. It may be a bit early to make such judgments, but Battlefield Earth may well turn out to be the worst movie of this century.
  7. A film that even a rabid lowbrow like Homer Simpson (or, when the mood strikes, this critic) would find beneath his dignity.
  8. Cheesy, amateurish film.
  9. At 70 minutes, Cupid's Mistake is short, but then, so is our time on this planet.
  10. Mush, delivered with a trembling, quasi-biblical solemnity, is what emanates from Anthony Hopkins most of the time in Hearts in Atlantis, a nostalgic fiasco so shameless it makes movies like "Simon Birch" and "Frequency" seem as austere as the work of Robert Bresson.
  11. One way to get through Baby Geniuses is to think about whether it really is the worst movie you've ever seen. Probably not, but pretty darn close.
  12. Too campy to work as straight drama and too violent and sordid to function as comedy, Vulgar is, truly and thankfully, a one-of-a-kind work.
  13. At the end the picture seems to acknowledge its own ludicrousness, but by then it, like Beans, is beyond rescue.
  14. The film makers had declared they were bravely exploring new levels of licentiousness, but the biggest risk they've taken here is making a nearly $40 million movie without anyone who can act. The absence of both drama and eroticism turns Showgirls into a bare-butted bore. [22 Sept 1995]
    • The New York Times
  15. Thoroughly incoherent... A dreary fizzle. [12 Jan 1996, p.C12]
    • The New York Times
  16. If someone left "1984," "Fahrenheit 451," "Brave New World," "Gattaca" and the Sylvester Stallone potboilers "Judge Dredd" and "Demolition Man" out in the sun and threw the runny glop onto a movie screen, it would still be a better picture than Equilibrium, a movie that could be stupider only if it were longer.
  17. The Singing Forest was written and directed by Jorge Ameer, whose film "Strippers" opened three years ago and remained the single worst movie I had ever reviewed -- until now.
  18. Ms. Ryan's lean, eagle-eyed golden girl is enough to curdle milk.
  19. No doubt there are those who will deem Simon Birch ''heartwarming.'' It is exactly the kind of movie that has given that hackneyed superlative a bad name.
  20. Villainy toward the infant class now comes from Jon Voight, descending to the depths of his 37-year-career.
  21. It is hard to know what exactly Mr. Palumbo is trying to say in his debased film.
  22. So inept on every level, you wonder why the distributor didn't release it straight to video, or better, toss it directly into the trash.
  23. Incoherent mess of a film.
  24. Even by the standards of its bottom-feeding genre, Dirty Love clings to the gutter like a rat in garbage.
  25. Putrid comic stew.
  26. The kind of witless production that should rightly be cluttering the discount bins at your local video store.
  27. Viewer discretion is advised, if only because it's well-nigh unwatchable.
  28. The movie... hasn't the foggiest notion whether it's a soap opera or a horror film, and wanders around in a generic fog.
  29. A scorching affront to Italians, Iraqis and the intelligence of movie audiences everywhere.
  30. The results are so disastrous that absolutely no one is shown off to good advantage, with the possible exception of the hairdressers involved.

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