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  1. The pathos of this situation is clear, the stakes, which obviously involve genocide, justice and actual Nazis, are sky high and Plummer is completely extraordinary. So why on earth isn't Remember a better film?
  2. The tension really is beautifully ramped up in these early scenes and gets an audience well prepped to watch carnage unfold around people you've truly come to care about. Then, when the thing goes off, it's not with a bang but with something more like a a whimper.
  3. Baena’s debut just never really comes to life and unfortunately lacks the bite the best of the genre has to offer.
  4. Yes, it’s funny and charming and sometimes deeply amusing. But at the same time it lacks any kind of emotional resonance.
  5. There is no shading, there is no ambiguity, and while there are observations and stilted epithets aplenty, there is precious little wisdom.
  6. Fleck and Boden certainly have strong filmmaking smarts. They understand restraint, have terrific observational eyes, and know how to coax honest performances out of actors. So it’s perhaps a shame that Mississippi Grind is ultimately too underwhelming to stake with any confidence.
  7. The more dramatic moments feel unanchored to the more farcical, and the humor ranges erratically from scatological to tender/heartwarming and back to cheap shots at slightly uncomfortable stereotypes. "Uneven" would be the kind way of putting it, but "messy" is probably nearer to the truth.
    • 40 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    Despite having a lead that can fend for herself, and a fun ensemble of co-stars, In the Blood runs dry.
  8. All in all, Earth to Echo is passable family entertainment, neither unforgettable nor particularly bad.
  9. Chris Farley deserves a film that can see him for his gifts and his flaws. So, while I Am Chris Farley is an interesting portrait of a comedian, here’s to holding out for something more.
  10. When Lotz is not onscreen, Stephens is miserable company. But James does reveal a deep fascination with the robotics that suggests the threadbare story was a chance for him to explore the very real advances in artificial intelligence.
  11. Song One is well intentioned, well-shot and has its musical heart in the right place, but it often feels incredibly familiar, and the more contrived, credulity-straining moments don’t help.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    Not every joke lands and it’s not as consistently funny as it could have been, but at its best, The Final Girls evokes the offbeat silliness of David Wain’s parody films like “Wet Hot American Summer” and “They Came Together."
  12. As compelling as R100 is in spurts, it's ultimately an exercise in excessiveness that only a niche audience will be able to fully stomach.
  13. Bad Milo! is ultimately a fairly pedestrian film, but in those moments where Milo takes action, if you squint, there’s just a little bit of that old-fashioned movie magic.
  14. It's not the most complex WWII movie you'll see, but there's no denying the blunt intensity of Fury, and even if it doesn't sustain, Ayer commits to staring straight into hellish eye of war and bringing audiences along to witness every gruesome detail.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    De Palma’s heart ultimately doesn’t feel fully in this film. What Passion is lacking is, ironically, some passion.
  15. As a mainstream sci-fi film, this enjoyable, occasionally poignant effort too often feels messy in the wrong ways.
  16. There are jokes that land, and every time Kathryn Hahn steps on screen the film threatens to tilt on its axis and point toward a truer north.
  17. While the politics and film as a whole are not entirely successful, there is much to admire in “Wolf Creek 2,” not the least if which is director Greg McLean’s chutzpah. He is a visually adept filmmaker who makes fine use of the broad canvas that is the outback.
  18. Godzilla asks you to care about its characters, achieves that aspiration, earns your trust, and then not only pivots towards a far less interesting character, but abandons most of its absorbing emotional legwork for a fairly rote and straightforward rock ‘em, sock ‘em monster movie.
  19. Post Tenebras Lux is certainly unique, but Reygadas is often intensely more interested in provoking his audience than actually fleshing out his heady ideas.
  20. Overall, this is an action-comedy that should be as full of laughs as it is explosions (So. Many. Explosions.), but there’s little joy other than letting Mirren be (super) sexy and Malkovich deliver a few good lines.
  21. Someone Marry Barry is a reasonably entertaining argument that good performers can enliven weak material.
  22. The film can be engaging, well-made, and even a touch more interesting than it has much right to be. But it's also far from a satisfying work as a whole.
  23. He's a romantic and a psychopath and creature of the night. Sadly, Dracula Untold, with its humorless aura and been-there-done-that feel, doesn't allow Evans to inhabit many of these aspects. Instead, Dracula Untold feels largely uninspired.
  24. Overall, it's not that Neil's directorial debut is boring or even disappointing, it's that it's just unexceptional – almost exactly the sort of dime-a-dozen growing-up story that's become a Sundance/ independent film world cliché.
  25. An unremarkable but solid genre exercise, one that shows off Jackie Earle Haley’s chops as a director.
  26. It’s easy to accuse Soaked in Bleach for many things, being a typical conspiracy theory documentary that makes many leaps in credibility in order to support its narrative being one of them, but a lack of focus is not among its faults.
  27. Apatow indulges in his freeform tendencies to a particularly destructive degree with This is 40, resulting in a movie in which the ambitions are only equaled by the shortcomings.

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