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1886 movie reviews
    • 67 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Another fond sketch of losers from the down-scale version of Woody Allen.
  1. You may salute Lone Survivor for its desperate intensity; but the film remains pinned down by its military and political dilemma: between gung-ho and F—, no.
  2. The result is half Python, half Ivanhoe--and not as much fun as either.
  3. Eastwood can earn both laughs and respect just by standing in a crowded elevator and grunting ''Swell'' to his boss. Truth is, this time around, he doesn't get to do much else. [18 July 1988, p.73]
    • Time
  4. Your affection for Serendipity may depend on how fascinated you are by a movie that is apparently going after the all-time record for delayed consummation.
    • Time
  5. For the uninitiated, The X Files: I Want to Believe may seem as musty and forbidding as one of those dank secrets that Mulder and Scully were forever digging up from some backyard, or fetid swamp, or their own aching hearts.
  6. Black fans may hardly recognize him, because for once he plays a person instead of a walking comedy mask atop a Buddha belly.
  7. Lohman's pensive loveliness carries the film.
  8. If the film is to work at all - and it eventually does - the two 27-year-old leads must radiate enough star quality to obviate the ramshackle plot. They just about do.
  9. Non-headline-making but often entertaining docu-travelogue.
  10. Wrath of the Titans, like its predecessor, is a slightly-better-than-OK mashing of one of history's great literary troves: the Greek myths.
  11. At its shambling best, Office Space is like a bracing break at the coffee machine. Some horrible Monday, why not cut work to see it?
  12. In the end, I, Robot is just an assembly-line product of a not very advanced model.
  13. The Secret Life of Bees may not be a "To Kill a Mockingbird" on page or screen, but Fanning is the center of its soul and intelligence. It's Hollywood's job to find strong parts for this precocious genius as she matures into womanhood.
  14. The performances are compelling (although Jones is underused) but the thin narrative is less instructive of the strange way female friendships operate than of the way stories get recycled.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Earnest but costumey drama.
  15. The film has a hectic, sitcom air and a full-of-himself hero who is as likely to grate as to ingratiate.
  16. Essentially a liberal soap opera.
  17. One of this movie's implications--and it's a common enough one these days--is that sensitivity is a quality impossible to find in straight guys. [20 April 1998]
    • Time
  18. Vallée, working from a script by Bryan Sipe, packs in too many symbols and potent signifiers – some are harmless, others are literally sledgehammer heavy. The movie doesn’t need all that when it’s got Gyllenhaal.
  19. Funny in its deplorable way.
  20. If I had a daughter of impressionable age, I'd rather have her weeping over this mildly tasteless romance than the nonsense of "Twilight."
  21. Lawless tries to be flawless; as a movie, it's often listless - lifeless.
  22. It's a great idea that Niccol can't translate into a great movie.
  23. Howard and Goldsman have efficiently touched all the bases. But they haven't found a way to replicate the book's page-turning urgency.
  24. What saves this movie from hopeless sentimentality is Meryl Streep's subtle performance.
    • Time
  25. Sensitive souls in search of wrenching emotion can be guaranteed their Kleenex moments; you will get wet. But aside from that opening scene, you will not be cinematically edified. This is a bad movie.
  26. What Willis proves in Die Hard is that it is not one you can ease through, especially if your preparation runs more to body building than to character building. [July 25, 1988]
    • Time
  27. Mind you, I don't begrudge the creators of even a junk-food movie like Cloverfield the fun they had demolishing New York one more time.
  28. Ask the Dust is the ghost of a cult novel; it can't bring itself to life.

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