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1,656 movie reviews
  1. Red Lights reaches for a "The Sixth Sense"-style twist and whiffs it completely.
  2. Vapid, claustrophobic drama.
  3. Roger Michell's movie is, pretty consistently, dreadful.
  4. If it weren't for him (Hemsworth), surely the Red Dawn remake would have gone straight to video; he's the only person worth watching in it (oh the pain of watching the wan Isabel Lucas hoist a rocket launcher).
  5. So Broken City stokes a lot of hopes. Too bad for all of us, the makers and the watchers alike, that it's a grimy botch.
  6. A buddy movie that limps along, pausing for breath and pulse checks like a geriatric dutifully fulfilling doctor's orders to get some exercise.
  7. It’s just a movie, with a dramatic arc that’s supposed to make all that mean stuff drift away into the ether as friendship is born, but it’s that look that hangs around like a bad smell.
  8. It’s the lamest and most vacant of the quintet — though if you mistakenly think you’re buying a ticket to a demolition derby instead of a night at the movies, you’ll feel right at home.
  9. "Trash Humpers" at least had the artistic courage of its own lunatic convictions, but Spring Breakers is all surface and sham; it’s trash about humpers.
  10. Snitch wasn’t going to be good no matter what Johnson did; it is so poorly directed that even Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon, playing a shrewish federal prosecutor, comes off as a hack straight off a soap opera.
  11. Star Trek is, finally, nothing but a long day's journey into ennui.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Gatsby's sad and curious history has resulted in a dull, dreadful movie. The film is faithful to the letter of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel but entirely misses its spirit.
  12. The collision of violent spasms and art-film ennui leave the viewer’s brain bloody but unfilled.
  13. Running, or stumbling, only 90 minutes, After Earth may lack the neck-swiveling awfulness of Shyamalan’s "The Last Airbender," but it quickly sinks in its logorrheic solemnity. The movie makes "Oblivion" seem as jolly a romp as "Spaceballs," and gives neither Shyamalan nor Smith much to smile about.
  14. The result is a grim and predictable adventure saga that is not nimble but leaden. Dystopia has rarely been so dysto-pointing.
  15. Why did these talented folks decide to take on Carrie when they had nothing innovative to bring to it and, by refrying the same blood sausage, risked invidious comparison to the original? To put it another way: If the most modest expectations cannot be met, indeed must be crushed, then What Is Life?
  16. The Counsellor is neither an outright disaster nor misunderstood masterpiece: it’s just a very bad idea for a film, proficiently executed.
  17. Enemy is an arid parable, in which actors are neutered, zombified; they signify themes rather than occupying personalities.
  18. Under the Skin falls in love with its bleak monotony. It is a melodrama with all the thrills surgically excised.
  19. What aims at being terrifying is just loud and goofy.
  20. Erin Brockovich is slick, grating and false. We bet it makes a bundle.
  21. This is potentially near tragic material, and playing it as an all-forgiving comedy is a waste of everyone's time.
  22. Despite Jackson's typically bravura turn, this Valentine massacre marks a step backward for the gifted director of Eve's Bayou.
  23. It's mostly an ordeal--for actress and audience.
  24. Occasionally funny but mostly desperate, small-minded and uncompelling.
  25. Never achieves more than feckless amiability.
  26. At once smug and lazy, qualities fatal to comedy.
  27. Hopelessly overwrought and deeply dopey movie.
  28. A ticket to Pretty Woman buys you mechanical titillation and predictable twists... Old-fashioned, assembly-line moviemaking without the old panache. [2 Apr 1990, p.70]
  29. This Ed Wood is dead wood.

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