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  1. [Ken Burns] triumphs again with PBS's seven-night, 14-hour The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, which, as its subtitle suggests, never loses sight of the poignant human drama unfolding against a tide of national and world turmoil.
  2. Stylistically and thematically adventurous, Master of None continually shifts tone and focus, with no two episodes alike. ... Dev may not yet mastered life, but there's no doubt Ansari has mastered his craft. [15-28 May 2017, p.16]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  3. Buoyed by the effortless charisma of Timothy Olyphant's star turn as the laconic but lethal Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, this series is a twisted triumph.
  4. This magnificent six-part Masterpiece adaption.... In a powerfully sustained performance of subtle sorrow and steely resolve, Rylance reveals a man who takes little pleasure in carrying out his master's harrowing whims. The true pleasure is entirely the viewers. [6-19 Apr 2015, p.14]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  5. Downton Abbey is like British catnip, a dazzling entertainment where saucy always trumps stuffy. It's popcorn TV with a champagne aftertaste.
  6. Once you get back in the rhythm of this enthrallingly sprawling, lusty and brutal saga, flaunting enough sex and violence to make a Hobbit faint, it's impossible not to succumb to Thrones' visceral, dark magic.
  7. This bold British import is among the best TV I've seen in a mediocre (on network TV, anyway) fall season. Fast-paced, constantly surprising and darkly entertaining, Luther is about as far as you can get from a cookie-cutter procedural.
  8. This sometimes-erratic thrill ride is back in top form in its fifth season, plunging Carrie into a hornet's nest of topical intrigue, involving Syrian refugee camps and a leaked CIA data breech that imperils US relations with Germany. [28 Sep - 11 Oct 2015, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  9. The Pacific is magnificent in its visual and graphically visceral scope and shattering in its emotional, deeply personal impact.
  10. What's not to love in Friday Night Lights? This is a place, and a show, I will never want to leave. It feels like family. But we're lucky to have been given this much of their story. Underdogs to the end, these are my TV heroes.
  11. So far (judging from the first four episodes), it's living up to our highest expectations.
  12. The lines between human and artificial intelligence and empathy (or lack thereof) blur in fascinating and often devastating ways. [13-26 Feb 2017, p.19]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  13. It's a comedy home run. [3-16 Apr 2017, p.19]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  14. The juxtaposition of domestic banality with covert, often erotic peril has never been more unsettling. [19 Jan-1 Feb 2015, p.14]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  15. This demanding and deliberately paced thriller (written and directed with ruthless intelligence by Hugo Blick) stands apart and above the glut of original programming. With its urgently compelling mysteries and shocking reveals, it's the equal of last summer's brilliant Broadchurch.
  16. The first half of the final season gets underway for AMC's masterpiece of intensity Breaking Bad.
  17. Orange loses little steam in its fourth tour of duty, with extremes of dark comedy and bitter tragedy, often heartbreaking in its depiction of metal illness and addiction, devastating in its escalation of racial conflict after the prison's cold-blooded new corporate owners flood the cell block with new bodies, triggering a demographic power shift. [27 Jun - 10 Jul 2016, p.15]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  18. Three episodes are never enough to satisfy our appetite for the dazzling BBC/Masterpiece Mystery! version of Sherlock, which thanks to its stars' busy movie careers, made us wait two long years for the latest trilogy of 90-minute delights. Was it worth the wait? The answer is (to borrow the title of TV's other enjoyable contemporary Holmes series) elementary: Did you ever doubt it?
  19. In one of the well-chose news excerpts from the time, NBC's Tom Brokaw laments: "No one likes what's going on, and there's no real winners. We have gone from shock to discomfort, now to a combination of anger, depression and shame." All of these emotions are palpable in the riveting docudrama. [4-17 Apr 2016, p.20]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  20. One man's bland is another's bliss, don't ya know. That's certainly the case with the third season of Noah Hawley's Fargo franchise, with its delicious recipe of quirky humanism and chilling, shocking violence unaltered by a year's hiatus. [1-14 May 2017, p.19]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  21. The Good Fight is as sexy and profane as it wishes to be while retaining the crackling wit and smart sophistication of the original series. [27 Feb - 5 Mar 2017, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  22. This is the best new series, network or cable, of the midseason. An immediately addictive brew of action, suspense and wry humor, the show is grounded in Olyphant's low-key but high-impact star-making performance, the work of a confident and cunning leading man who's always good company.
  23. Though the verdict polarized the country, most will agree on the merits of The People v. O.J. Simpson as terrific TV. [1-14 Feb 2016, p.18]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  24. For those who prefer a more riveting, nail-biting variety of TV, one of cable's darkest masterpieces of mayhem is back after a long absence, having lost none of its sinister allure in its fourth season.
  25. In BBC America's shattering and brilliantly paced eight-episode Broadchurch, a high point of a summer already teeming with terrific drama, you'll get a solution in a lot less time than it took The Killing to reveal the murderer of Rosie Larsen, and with considerably more cumulative emotional impact.
  26. Shows like Homeland have a way of keeping us deliciously off balance. Can't think of a place I'd rather be or a show I'd more highly recommend.
  27. Spiritual and emotional epiphanies abound in these 10 episodes, about as close as TV comes to living art. [3-9 Oct 2016, p.23]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  28. You'd be insane to miss The Americans, operating at its highest level of dramatic intensity. [21 Mar-3 Apr 2016, p.18]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  29. Effortlessly shifting gears from screwball whimsy to bittersweet romance to lacerating multigenerational family conflict, the new/old Gilmore Girls is almost ridiculously satisfying. [21 Nov 2016 - 4 Dec 2016, p.18]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  30. Feud doesn't disappoint in its vivid depiction of this rivalry for the ages. [6-19 Mar 2017, p.20]
    • TV Guide Magazine

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