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  1. Bent is the sort of funky offbeat comedy that grows on you, so watching more than one episode at a sitting turns out to be a good thing.
  2. Dexter's scenes with Vogel and Deb are so electrifying and morbidly juicy that the subplots involving Dexter's co-workers in Miami Metro Homicide seem more than ever like dreary padding.
  3. [A] compellingly extreme thriller. [5-18 Sep 2016, p.23]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  4. His easy camaraderie with these women [in prison] forms the core of the film, HBO's eighth collaboration with filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, and their mutual affection and hope for a better future is genuinely inspiring.
  5. Sarah isn't easy to warm up to, and neither is The Killing, though I respect its moody insistence at depicting even the most sympathetic figures in the worst possible light.
  6. Much of the casting is disappointingly flat, and the character development as shallow as in any video game.... Still, ambition counts for a lot in this expansive genre, and Defiance gets better with each episode.
  7. Downton is on much firmer and more satisfying ground when charting the new romantic possibilities for Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) or spinning sentimental morality tales among the colorful servants below stairs.
  8. A slickly streamlined and impeccably cast reinterpretation. [23 May-3 Jun 2016, p.14]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  9. Even the bits that backfire--like the ridiculous stunt casting of Chris Rock as a supposedly menacing prison drug lord00rarely diminish the glee with which we ride along on each hairpin curve. [28 Sep - 11 Oct 2015, p.16]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  10. It is satisfying in its own low-key way, a solid companion piece to the laid-back charms of The Glades
  11. At just 90 minutes, The Girl can feel rushed and only occasionally convinces us that an actual movie is being made--this is so focused on Hitch-and-Tippi you'd think The Birds was a one-woman show.
  12. There's enough to enjoy in Weeds that you could get a contact high just by tuning in.
  13. UnReal is most enjoyable when its nasty and least convincing when its doling out soap-opera subplots. [8 Jun 2015, p.13]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  14. Lean in, don't over think it, and go along for the hectic ride. [13-26 Feb 2017, p.19]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  15. The show's a little frantic and more than a little crude, but the jokes keep coming and many of them score in this depiction of Courteney Cox as a newly divorced and woefully insecure mom of a teenager.
  16. While this Little League comedy doesn't quite measure up to the big leagues, we shouldn't be surprised if family audiences rally around the team, turning a solid base hit into something potentially worthy of extra innings.
  17. There's some lovely Jazz Age music (by Adrian Johnston), charismatic performances and a story worth telling in Starz's evocative but languorous five-part miniseries.
  18. These runaways aren't shown to be saints, but their treacherous quest for liberation has an almost biblical quality of deliverance. [7-10 Mar 2016, p.18]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  19. Harry Bosch knows who he is, and it's a pleasure getting to know him better. [7-10 Mar 2016, p.19]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  20. A breezy new keepsake documentary that relives the Academy Awards' 85-year history.
  21. [Touch is] emotionally compelling but wildly fantastical and undeniably manipulative.
  22. It may lack the emotional depth of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but like that modern classic, Teen Wolf isn't joking about friendship and loyalty in the gnarly face of terror.
  23. This warm and fuzzy show could grow on you.
  24. It’s all very sweet and tuneful, and took me back to my days as a Hayley Mills groupie.
  25. So far, this seems a very promising ride. Maybe not one for the ages like BSG, but for the next few weeks, I’ll be curious to see how these space castaways cope.
  26. American Crime unfolds its troubling and gripping story over a broad urban canvas of racial disharmony, class animosity and familial dysfunction. [2 Mar 2015, p.12]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  27. An efficient if predictable procedural that arrives on the scene after last spring’s two-part “backdoor pilot” with plenty of fistfights and gunfights and the sort of jovial camaraderie that endears classic NCIS to its millions of fans.
  28. Adapted from three overlapping page-turners by the prolific Philippa Gregory, this enjoyably propulsive high melodrama replays the classic Wars of the Roses family feud (York vs. Lancaster) from the perspective of the women who are both pawns and players in a violent, turbulent game of claiming and keeping the English throne.
  29. The dumb-laugh ratio is surprisingly high. Much of the credit goes to pros like Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale.
  30. It's a solid premise executed with the usual CBS professionalism.

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