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577 tv reviews
  1. One of TV's truest, finest and deepest dives into pure character drama. [24 Oct-6 Nov 2016, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  2. The first half of the final season gets underway for AMC's masterpiece of intensity Breaking Bad.
  3. This is TV as great modern literature, a shattering and heartbreaking urban epic about a city (Baltimore) rotting from within.
  4. From the edge of your seat, you wonder if they can possibly keep topping themselves. Based on the first two episodes, the answer is a resounding and brilliant yes.
  5. A troubling, provocative, and insightful masterwork of psychology and sociology. [6-19 Jun 2016, p.18]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  6. For those who prefer a more riveting, nail-biting variety of TV, one of cable's darkest masterpieces of mayhem is back after a long absence, having lost none of its sinister allure in its fourth season.
  7. Was it worth the wait? Was it ever!
    • TV Guide Magazine
  8. Fargo casts a mesmerizing spell of suspenseful whimsy in its second year. [12-25 Oct 2015, p.16]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  9. You'd be insane to miss The Americans, operating at its highest level of dramatic intensity. [21 Mar-3 Apr 2016, p.18]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  10. It's sexy, violent, witty, emotionally devastating and visually spectacular--those dragons are bigger and more unruly than ever--delivering an experience not unlike how the glorious Diana Rigg (as Lady Olenna, Queen of Thorns) responds when she first lays eyes on the Amazonian warrior Lady Brienne (Gwendoline Christie): "Aren't you just marvelous, absolutely singular!" Yes, she is, and so's the show.
  11. One of TV’s boldest and best dramas.
  12. Tambor's revelatory, Emmy-winning performance as Maura has only deepened in its doleful and wry dignity, and if there's any complaint about the 10-episode sophomore season, it's that quite often there's just not enough Maura. [7-20 Dec 2015, p.16]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  13. Louie isn't exactly what you'd call a joy ride, but there's joy to be had in its pungent authenticity, the element so sorely lacking in Anger Management.
  14. Embracing with raw, unsettling honesty the random absurdities that regularly befall this urban dweller, Louie brilliantly mines the all-too-human comedy of anxiety, insecurity and disappointment--in himself and others.
  15. The only bleak aspect to this miniseries is that it doesn't last forever.
    • TV Guide Magazine
  16. The return of the two-time Emmy winning best drama instantly eclipses the rest of summer TV with its dazzling wit, its posh mid-'60s style and its timelessly provocative substance.
  17. The juxtaposition of domestic banality with covert, often erotic peril has never been more unsettling. [19 Jan-1 Feb 2015, p.14]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  18. It's hard not to be moved by Rectify's unique approach to a redemption story, with an aching tenderness cloaked in a suffocating sadness.
  19. Shows like Homeland have a way of keeping us deliciously off balance. Can't think of a place I'd rather be or a show I'd more highly recommend.
  20. Transparent's transcendent empathy and wry, raw realism make most of this fall season's new batch of network sitcoms seem even emptier than usual.
  21. [A] quietly creepy and profoundly unsettling supernatural mystery.
  22. For the next four Fridays, PBS's Great Performances lives up to its billing with a spectacular and dazzlingly acted mega-miniseries titled The Hollow Crown.
  23. It's a lot to digest but well worth the effort. [20 Apr - 3 May 2015, p.13]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  24. Buoyed by the effortless charisma of Timothy Olyphant's star turn as the laconic but lethal Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, this series is a twisted triumph.
  25. In BBC America's shattering and brilliantly paced eight-episode Broadchurch, a high point of a summer already teeming with terrific drama, you'll get a solution in a lot less time than it took The Killing to reveal the murderer of Rosie Larsen, and with considerably more cumulative emotional impact.
  26. An endlessly fascinating seven-part foray into the most remote and unforgiving regions of the Arctic and Antarctic.
  27. Three scintillating new Sherlock brain-teasers.
  28. So far (judging from the first four episodes), it's living up to our highest expectations.
  29. Watching Downton Abbey is like curling up with a really satisfying book, and I can't think of a better way to get through one of the crueler months of winter. This is one of those shows that after finishing it, I immediately began to envy those who had yet to experience the pleasure.
  30. Spiritual and emotional epiphanies abound in these 10 episodes, about as close as TV comes to living art. [3-9 Oct 2016, p.23]
    • TV Guide Magazine

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