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  1. The first few episodes after tonight's sensational pilot struggle to find the right balance between the musical and the dramatic, but by the fourth hour, as the new leading lady makes things difficult for the also-ran during the tense rehearsal process, Smash finds its footing.
  2. The Hour teems with flawed but driven professionals who, even at their worst, never come off as ridiculous as Newsroom's fools' gallery. The hours just fly by
  3. Damages' endgame is on, and so far it's a doozy--with a fatalistic framework suggesting not everyone emerges alive.
  4. There are times when you don’t whether to scream with fear or laughter. Being Human is frighteningly good.
  5. Surreal and harrowing.
  6. The high concept of this buddy mystery-comedy is as familiar as it is inviting.
  7. Mike Colter as Luke is a physical marvel and an appealing center of moral gravity in a show that all too often telegraphs its plentiful punches and twists. [26 Sep 2016-2 Oct 2016, p.16]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  8. Mars is an entertaining collision of bare-knuckled police-procedural realism and mind-blowing surrealism.
  9. The scenes in which the older and younger versions interact, with Hamm counseling and cajoling the panicked and miserable Radcliffe as a Ghost of Torment to Come, crackle with a surreal bite.... Not for the squeamish, Notebook is worth bookmarking if you've an adventurous streak.
  10. The summer's most wildly original new series. [27 Jul - 9 Aug 2015, p.12]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  11. Work of Art itself manages to elevate this often schlocky genre into an entertaining celebration of the process of creation, with some startling and visionary (and occasionally disturbing) pieces produced under intense pressure.
  12. Tiresome though well acted Togetherness finds HBO falling back into the niche rut of whiny indie-film malaise. [5-18 Jan 2015, p.16]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  13. Brooding in tone yet laced with mordant wit and tinged with sinister inference, The Game keeps us wondering what the Russian sleepers' end game might be. Having seen only the first half of the series in advance, I can only say that unraveling that mystery is so far darkly compelling fun.
  14. Bloom is both hilarious and kind of scary as she cavorts in lavishly absurd imaginary production numbers--like Smash on acid.... Recklessly enjoyable. [12-25 Oct 2015, p.17]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  15. I got many more sustained belly laughs out of the show that follows Sunny in an under-the-radar sneak preview.
  16. Ultimately, this is an easier show to admire than it is to recommend.
  17. The Office gets off to a good start with an episode about office gossip... And what about the latest Jim-Pam rumor? You’ll have to watch to see how that plays out. It’s a terrific payoff.
  18. Three seasons in, Cinemax's Strike Back is the ultimate shoot-first think-later exercise in outrageous mayhem and explosively over-the-top buddy heroics.
  19. Finally, cable's hit design show is back, still the best and most flamboyantly entertaining of TV's skill-based competitions.
  20. This is the sort of show where "never say die" is written into the mythology--a good thing for several of the opening hour's apparent victims. I don't know how much longer The Vampire Diaries can keep churning stories at this feverish rate, but if this is your sort of guilty pleasure, you'd be crazy not to bite.
  21. For Fringe's small but loyal following, resistance is truly futile. We'll stick with this remarkable series to the end.
  22. There's enough to enjoy in Weeds that you could get a contact high just by tuning in.
  23. It's like watching Nancy Drew grow up into Wonder Woman.
  24. WGN America's bold new period drama Manhattan goes even further [than AMC's Mad Men], eschewing the romantic veneer altogether in a gritty story of scientific mavericks operating in extreme circumstances.
  25. Seriously, everyone, Luther is no joke.
  26. [A] marvelously original and instantly engrossing hybrid of origin story, prequel, and spinoff. [1-15 Feb 2015, p.16]
    • TV Guide Magazine
  27. This show is shocking in all the right ways. It's monstrously entertaining.
  28. Though the subject matter is wrenching, the tone here is more about emotional uplift, emphasizing the importance of bringing loved ones along for the fight.
  29. Dexter is real, all right. Real good.
  30. UnReal is most enjoyable when its nasty and least convincing when its doling out soap-opera subplots. [8 Jun 2015, p.13]
    • TV Guide Magazine

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