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  1. Aspires to be a cinematic "Sex and the City," but it's more like South Park Goes West.
  2. Fame offers slick entertainment with some exuberance, but it's devoid of soul or heart.
  3. Young girls will enjoy Lohan's matchmaking antics. But nostalgia-craving oldsters should stick to fond memories of Hayley [Mills]'s heyday.
  4. Every performer puts vigor into an otherwise limp exercise, as if word were out that this would be the last comedy ever made about late-adolescent concerns.
  5. A slog rather than the sweeping romance it aspires to be.
  6. Some of the car gadgetry, Kato's specialty, looks cool...The Green Hornet is otherwise colorless, numbing and sluggishly paced.
  7. Lacking in originality.
  8. There is undoubtedly a good movie in the varied experiences of American newcomers. But it would need to involve sagas more urgent and more original.
  9. It's a shame the aliens are so preachy, because this remake of the 1956 and 1978 versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers features a top-notch cast in Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig and moments of unnerving terror.
  10. Enraptured by bathroom humor that doesn't even reach sophomoric standards. It's more on the level of preschool.
  11. That Mrs. Doubtfire, a Tootsie Poppins for our times, misfires in the plausibility department and mis-aims its well-meaning if muddled messages about divorce doesn't matter. [24 Nov 1993 Pg. 01.D]
    • USA Today
  12. There is cinematic art, and there's a good evening out; this is the latter. [15 Mar 1991]
    • USA Today
  13. Though not nearly as raucously funny as the leads in "Wedding Crashers," Nick and Shawn resemble junior versions of the one-track-minded womanizers played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.
  14. When it's not stalled on silly, it falls into slog territory.
  15. Somehow Statham comes out of this improbable thriller with his dignity intact.
  16. With the lackluster quality of its characters — aircraft, a smattering of trucks, RVs and motorcycles — the movie makes Pixar's Cars and its sequel look like masterpieces.
  17. It's about as uncomfortable as sitting through an interminable counseling session - involving two people you hardly know and don't much care about.
  18. A cheap and easy amusement, one that's gone a little stale and never quite rises to the occasion.
  19. Has some funny moments, silly mispronunciations and comical socio-political references. But it suffers from being the second animated movie this year to feature a dastardly villain for a hero.
  20. Here has a great soundtrack and some fine performances, particularly from King, who is a wonder. And credit Braff with some great imagery, deep thinking and moments of eloquent dialogue, however schmaltzy.
  21. Secret isn't the usual romp, but it's Almodovar's most committed work in years. [7 Mar 1996]
    • USA Today
  22. This senior-class Cabaret is just a TV after-school special with a better soundtrack. [05 Mar 1993]
    • USA Today
  23. Feels as desperate and static as being trapped in a traffic jam.
  24. Makes its point ham-fistedly and then devolves into a blood-spattered slasher movie. It also unashamedly cribs from more disturbing films like "Straw Dogs," "Funny Games" and "A Clockwork Orange."
  25. The movie is something of a white elephant itself, a luxuriant, lumbering behemoth. It is pleasant, occasionally amusing - and often dull.
    • USA Today
  26. Jonathan Demme's Philadelphia labors ambitiously on two socially conscious fronts - relating the story of an AIDS-afflicted lawyer while exploring a much broader issue. Unlike almost any other Demme movie - it's a film where you feel the gears struggling to mesh. [22 Dec 1993, p.1D]
    • USA Today
  27. Pleasant but not more than recycled jock piffle.
  28. The best thing about Black Snake Moan, a song title, is the blues soundtrack. The movie is an absurdly jarring collection of archetypal characters in miserable circumstances with a resolution that feels forced and tacked on.
  29. A John Hughes movie is 15 minutes of material stretched into a 90-minute feature by a rec-room rack from the Karloff estate; the only question is whether the 15 have their comic compensations. Uncle Buck has a few, though they're typically compromised by the cut-and-paste nature of the rest. [16 Aug 1989, p.4D]
    • USA Today
  30. A romantic comedy has to woo an audience into taking a chance on love. While You Were Sleeping is that kind of sneaky charmer, more riveting than ribbit-ing. [21 Apr 1995, Pg.01.D]
    • USA Today

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