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  1. Actually, there are some very appealing performers in Related; they just don't happen to be the stars.
  2. The big problem is Prinze himself, an actor whose work has shown much charm but not much range. Here, even the charm is missing as he dwells on every joke and gesture.
  3. As long as you're not expecting subtlety -- and why would you from a show starring Pamela Anderson? -- you should have a reasonably entertaining time.
  4. Fear plays like an illustrated Life of the Saints on fast-forward. Blink and you can miss decades.
  5. Nothing works very well in this elaborate but leaden production, which seems more interested in Bob Mackie's costumes than in the characters they clothe.
  6. Unfortunately, none of the characters is interesting enough to paper over the holes in the plot.
  7. In short, it's a good thing they've been friends since childhood, because nothing in their personalities would lead you to believe they'd even be civil to each other if they met as adults. That's a problem for a sitcom about friendship.
  8. Even at her worst, when she's contorting her face to match the coy, thought-revealing voice-over, you tend to root for [Graham]. Unfortunately for ABC, by the end of Emily's Reasons Why Not, you're rooting for her to find a better vehicle.
  9. To the extent Crumbs works at all, it works because of Curtin.
  10. The costumes are gorgeous, the sets are time-period gems, and the actors are among the best.... But the story to which they've been appended is hollow. It's like an exquisitely wrapped empty box.
  11. What you get from this sometimes outlandish family comedy is a sweet Ride, but one that is neither funny nor believable enough to command your loyalty.
  12. From what I can tell, the goal of Love is to prove that life can be just as mundane, colorless and boring with three spouses as it can with one or none. Mission accomplished.
  13. Even if The Evidence were the first show of its kind, it would still be mediocre.
  14. The sheer brazenness of its borrowed trashiness makes it oddly watchable.
  15. Seldom has a set of characters worn out their welcome more quickly.
  16. The opening crises just feel phony and forced -- as does everything else, from the humor to the drama to the bleached-out colors.
  17. It's hard to say what seems sillier: the show's misplaced attempts at comedy or the intuitive leaps that allow the agents to solve the case.
  18. If you can stick with the show past its barrage of one-note eccentrics, a lower-key charm does begin to seep through.
  19. In Jericho, claustrophobia, paranoia and the threat of nuclear rain are merely an overlay meant to distract us from the mundane nature of everything else the town has to offer.
  20. You can easily imagine yourself settling in with Kidnapped for six, eight, maybe even 13 episodes. But 22? Sorry, no.
  21. Six Degrees certainly clips along, but moving quickly between insipid links and boring characters doesn't make them any less insipid or boring.
  22. Considering his talents, Danson should be the show's biggest asset, and yet his character has become its biggest problem.
  23. Spend two hours tonight with this murky, muddled serial, and you may already feel as if you've been trapped in this day for an eternity.
  24. Ponderous... convoluted.
  25. The show just kind of rolls along, never quite provoking you to change the channel but never providing any great reason to pay attention either.
  26. Too little of it even attempts to make a lick of sense. Still, the cast is first-rate, and Milch himself is a singular talent. I can't write off a show like that, but I can't exactly advise you to watch it, either.
  27. Fun is notably absent from Side Order, which strains to be both quippy and profound.
  28. Unfortunately, the project is too short to do its subject matter justice and too long and clumsy to keep us involved--a problem compounded by Chris O'Donnell's boyishly bland performance as The Company's central agent.
  29. As much as CBS may yearn for the days of J.R. and Bobby Ewing, those days have passed, and you certainly can't bring then back with a show that feels more dated than "Dallas."
  30. All is fine, if not as good as it had been.

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