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8,406 movie reviews
  1. Comedic and sentimental beats are as predictable as the storytelling is sloppy.
  2. Oddly misanthropic, occasionally amusing but thoroughly cheerless holiday attraction that is in no way a family film.
  3. This botched remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" seriously dishonors the seriously fine 1951 sci-fi landmark on which it's based.
  4. As a dancing chanteuse, Bijou Phillips gives it her all, which isn't enough, and a wooden Mann doesn't help, although Izabella Miko brings a modicum of unaffected charm to her role as the Other Woman.
  5. Considering its theme and setting, there's something very wrong with a Good that seems merely competent, uninspired and a bit old-hat.
  6. Whereas Japanese horror movies have been criticized for not making sense, The Unborn errs on the opposite extreme, coming off all the more ridiculous for over-explaining itself.
  7. As with many a Bollywood epic, you can bring the kids, your lunch, your cell phone, your unfiled taxes. There's so much here, and in such heaping, lengthy portions, you could probably weave a sari before the end credits.
  8. An almost shockingly amateurish one-note-joke comedy.
  9. Weak even by the standard of uninspired recent Asian-horror remakes, The Uninvited is more likely to induce snickers and yawns than shudders and yelps.
  10. If the original could be accused of having a real point (even a subtext), the uninspired redo has none whatsoever.
  11. This slapstick and scatological spoof settles for obvious punchlines, delivering just enough laughs to justify its existence without coming anywhere near the bar set by "Scary Movie."
  12. Admirably ambitious but ultimately frustrating musical dramedy.
  13. There's nothing funny, provocative or involving about what "Shrek" co-writer Joe Stillman and the team from Madrid-based Ilion Animation Studios do with the notion here.
  14. At 76 minutes, the film is nearly twice as long as even the band's most dedicated admirers might need, with weariness setting in around the 40-minute mark.
  15. Worst of all, it just feels tired and recycled.
  16. The miscalculated and overlong Julia proves a startling misfire for "The Dreamlife of Angels" writer-helmer Erick Zonca and dependably fearless actress Tilda Swinton.
  17. For much of its running time, Little Ashes wavers between the polite, stuffy style of a "Masterpiece Theater" production and the more pointed agenda of gay indie cinema, with real Spanish locations classing up the otherwise low-budget affair. Acting is stagy and hindered by thick Spanish accents.
  18. Bland as its title, Love N' Dancing extends the cliches of the dance-and-romance genre -- so overplayed that it's targeted for a Wayans brothers spoof later this month -- to the world of West Coast Swing.
  19. An altogether bumbling excuse for an action-comedy.
  20. The result is a rough-edged, head-scratching mix of tones. Fortunately, musicvideo vet Rhein's competent helming skills counterbalance her off-putting dialogue and flat acting style so that the picture doesn't come off strictly amateur.
  21. The audience gets played in Gamer. This latest eye-scraper from writer-directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor is as hopped up as their "Crank" pics, but with dour Gerard Butler as a soldier commandeered by a teenage gamer, it's considerably less interactive.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Feels like warmed-over souvlaki.
  22. This PG-rated offering thus dances along a fine line -- one that suggests a shelf-life well short of its "I wanna live forever" anthem.
  23. Teasingly enjoyable rubbish through the first hour, Orphan becomes genuine trash during its protracted second half.
  24. A zombie flick sans bite.
  25. Nowhere near as much fun as its title, playing out like an unusually obtuse episode of "The Wire."
  26. A mildly amusing trifle with one of the genre's dafter plot twists.
  27. A plodding mediocrity with an almost mercenary adherence to formula.
  28. While foreign viewers are apt to focus on the action, native English speakers can't help but notice the sheer awkwardness of the performances.
  29. Those involved got to spend weeks at a Bora Bora luxury resort; all we get is this not lousy but unmemorable tropical-vacation comedy.

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