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7,978 movie reviews
  1. At the most basic level, Boricua's Bond is at war with itself.
  2. Ferrara has made a film that's always visually arresting, but one that lacks emotional and dramatic sense -- a recurrent weakness in his work.
  3. A disappointingly rote entry in the '70s teen nostalgia sweepstakes.
  4. Cluttered, unfocused script attempts too much.
  5. A dull afterthought and a sorry vehicle for the comic expression of Martin Lawrence.
  6. Even in a more fluid package, this mix of camp comedy and bathos would seem artificial.
  7. Morrow displays keen attention to physical detail, but starring both behind and in front of the camera looks to have been a mistake here.
  8. Third outing for prairie auteur Gary Burns is his most ambitious, and most uneven, effort yet.
  9. The mix feels flat and the story remains a fairly banal account of underworld exploits whose emotional gears never fully engage.
  10. Starts intriguingly but ends up thrashing around as a toothless wonder.
  11. Oblique and impenetrable under its glossy surface.
  12. This hokey thriller reps what one can only hope will be a one-of-a-kind hybrid between a World War II actioner and a ghost story outfitted with innumerable false-alarm shock cuts and shot with enough colored lights and filters to delight Baz Luhrmann.
    • 31 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Cage's over-the-top performance generates little sympathy for the character, so it's tough to be interested in him as his personality disorder worsens.
  13. Universal’s attempt to find gold by bringing to new life one of the mustier items in its vaults is pure hokum and scarcely of the first order.
  14. Too many scenes play like actors acting rather than life being lived as pic lurches around with ragged variations in tone.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The clumsy story lurches forward through predictable travail and treacle, separated by phonograph records (or vice versa).
  15. Passably interesting psychological study of emotionally wounded characters until it commits dramatic suicide by showing its true colors as a tricked-up "Fatal Attraction" wannabe.
  16. Strictly for the birds.
  17. Its central theme being the struggle between Christianity and homophobia -- though what's onscreen is far too vanilla in both content and execution to spark much enthusiasm.
  18. A shallow, only mildly entertaining satire
  19. Never comes close to making the case that its subject is worthy of the viewer's interest.
  20. Voice work is weirdly awful and funny at the same time.
    • 26 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The numerous sex scenes are good and steamy.
  21. Speak a great deal, but they don't have much to say. A dull ensembler.
  22. Overall, though, the slapdash pic appears to be the work of folks who made things up as they went along; you might say they were, well, vamping.
  23. Awful and subversively spunky at the same time.
  24. The submarine goes deep but the story never does in U-571, a good old-fashioned WWII picture that is exciting in only the most superficial way.
  25. The most resounding thuds in From Justin to Kelly, however, come from the musical numbers.
  26. Flubs nearly every opportunity to be the comedy it wanted to be.
  27. Audience patience undergoes a far more brutal butchering than anything onscreen in Delphine Gleize's wildly over-reaching feature debut, Carnage.

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