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Highest review score: 100 White Sun (Seto Surya)
Lowest review score: 0 Being Human
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10095 movie reviews
    • 62 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    Decidedly odd, even by Japanese standards, this mockumentary about an electrically charged, skyscraper-high superhero saddled with misfortune, bad press and even worse TV ratings is tears-down-the-face funny and a genuine, jaw-dropping oddity.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    Fresh, colorful and inventive, Married to the Mob is another offbeat entertainment from director Jonathan Demme.
  1. Working on a richer and more intricate canvas than she's previously attempted, Kelly Reichardt has pulled off a rare thing with Meek's Cutoff -- a low-budget period Western with a bracing feminist spin.
  2. Brilliance of the action and effects are supplemented by a consistently superior and resourceful score by Tan Dun.
  3. After examining the rarefied world of debutante socialites with wit and obvious expertise in “Metropolitan,” Stillman opens up his artistic universe a bit more here and displays an increased ease with filmmaking craf
  4. Los Angeles may be the most photographed city in the world, but it has never have been captured with such complex layers of meaning and fascination as in Thom Andersen's remarkable Los Angeles Plays Itself.
  5. Bracingly original, alarming and droll, the righteously ribald Rid of Me should prove a breakthrough for helmer James Westby and his producer and leading lady, Katie O'Grady.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    The most satisfying epicurean feast since "Big Night."
  6. This fascinating portrait of an eccentric visionary and his chaotic triple family life is an accomplished, enormously satisfying non-fiction work.
  7. A feature debut that packs a knockout punch.
  8. A carefully constructed and beautifully acted tale of two very different sisters brought together when their aging father falls seriously ill.
  9. Imamura's square-framed, black-and-white imagery, in all its various stylistic incarnations, proves as compelling through the docu's myriad detours as in any of his better-known psychological thrillers.
  10. At once raucously free-wheeling and meticulously contrived, picture satisfies as a boys-gone-wild laff riot that also clicks as a seriocomic beat-the-clock detective story.
  11. While Leon’s script can’t help but be episodic as the characters scheme their way out of one scrape after another, their shenanigans are compulsively watchable, brimming with enough details to make this modest film grow large in the memory.
  12. Blending smart fantasy elements, broad comedy, tender romance and an atypically slow-burning apocalypse, the directorial debut of “I Heart Huckabees” co-writer Jeff Baena is charming, thoughtful and laugh-out-loud funny.
  13. An entrancing ensemble piece, directed with calm assurance, acted by a fine ensemble, and structured and scripted with wit and precision.
  14. A skillful blend of fire and ice that subtly conveys the emotional extremes fraught in the relationship.
  15. Johnny Depp isn't the sort of star to blend in, so it's saying something that his turn as the world's most conspicuous chameleon in Rango is so full-bodied, you forget the actor and focus on the character.
  16. Bright and sassy, The Full Monty is a treat.
  17. A rousing, well-crafted romp packed with ingenuity, duplicity, close calls and heroic gestures, Bon Voyage is true to its title.
  18. A beautifully observed, small-scale study of personal foibles, romantic uncertainty and two sides of the sadly predictable male animal.
  19. Ominously atmospheric study of police corruption dangles danger and sinister motives at every turn.
  20. A full-bore zombie romp that more than delivers the genre goods.
  21. Ten
    10 dazzling and perceptive snapshots of women with which femmes everywhere can identify.
  22. The wrenching tale has something for anyone who likes their melodrama spiked with palpable tension and genuine suspense.
  23. Develops into a powerfully emotional experience thanks to a career-best performance by Toni Collette.
  24. The Internet’s Own Boy is a beautifully crafted film that opens a window on a world not everyone has entered yet, and exposes ways in which both the legal system and the U.S. government is lagging hopelessly behind technology.
  25. If anything, the film is most indebted to classic cloak-and-dagger movies, in which sharp, richly succinct dialogue and plenty of atmosphere seem effortlessly carried along by the force of magnetic personalities.
  26. This deceptively artless, journal-style film has no need for any carefully sculpted twists; rather, it’s the sheer unpredictable perversity of human nature that takes the breath away at key points in Fassaert’s unsettling, perhaps unsolvable, inquiry.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    The most successful version yet of this familiar premise.

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