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  1. The series remains an immersive experience, and the cast has been gradually upgraded with the addition of players like Jimmy Smits.
  2. Grohl’s style as a director is much like his style as a conversationalist: highly earnest, highly caffeinated, and sometimes a tad on-the-nose. However, it’s his interest in the practical details of recording--from consoles and instruments to the masonry work in the studio walls--that most distinguishes him from his less technical fellow rockists.
  3. This more comicbook-y entry could be another solid anchor from sibling DC Comics.
  4. The pilot certainly looks great, and it's hard to imagine better choices for the leads than Goodwin and Parrilla.
  5. Garner played Felicity's new friend in that series' first two years, and here she replaces character's earnestness with ferocity, confusion and concealed pain. She plays the more human side with aplomb, but gets stuck in fight scenes that are so stagy one can count out the steps.
  6. Nightcap is lightweight, rewarding, and extremely watchable comedy.
  7. Despite only marginal spring in the exposition-heavy pilot, the promised mix of action, angst and serialized mystery should make for a purr-fect little summer escape.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The key, as with all action series, is turning repetitive, predictable outcomes into suspenseful beats, and at this, the series seems to have a genuine flair. [5 Oct 2000]
    • Variety
  8. [It] already feels like it's been on air for three seasons... in a good way.
  9. [The] pilot is cleverly written giving the characters a heady, just-specific-enough mix of mystery, intrigue and charm.
  10. After a slow start, the second and third chapters become pretty absorbing, showcasing a first-rate cast--including original series creators Eileen Atkins and Jean Marsh--and an interesting subplot regarding the growing Nazi threat in 1930s Britain.
  11. A Poet in New York is constrained in both its ambitions and rewards. That said, viewed strictly in terms of the poetry of the words and power of Hollander’s portraiture, it’s not a bad way to commemorate, as Thomas put it, the dying of the light.
  12. Interesting and small in scope, the 47-minute doc is relaxed, unhurried and not a bit longer than it needs to be.
  13. At this point, the show's creative team has earned the latitude to trust that it knows where it's heading, as unpredictable and soapy (times three) as that path might appear. So while the series has so many plates spinning as to feel messy at times, the course of true "Love" never did run smooth.
  14. Midwife delivers enough poignant moments to be worth the investment.
  15. If Resurrection fulfills even half its potential, it could easily become the most compelling drama on an ABC lineup that has become almost comically soapy.
  16. The inner snark is much of the appeal of the show--the ongoing soliloquy where Katie tells the truth, punctuated by Mixon’s skillful balance of eye-rolling cynicism, cheerful enthusiasm, and deep-seated worry.
  17. Stacey represents one of those too-good-to-be-true movie teachers, but VanCamp possesses such innate likability that she can make that sense of commitment believable. Nor does it hurt that the producers did an impeccable job casting the various students, including Liam McKanna and Paola Andino as two of Stacey's more significant pupils.
  18. Debut is plenty funny yet Fox has a tough job ahead trying to lure ["Beavis & Butt-head"] audiences, which may grow tired of the comic targets, or "The Simpsons" crowd, which may find the antics too restrained. [10 Jan 1997]
    • Variety
  19. While the kids are alright, Pietz alone makes the series recommendable
  20. If the lavish production doesn’t quite strike gold, it comes close enough to encourage further exploration.
  21. Familiar as it all sounds, series creator Michael Rauch plucks most of the right chords.
  22. Based on the two episodes available for preview, Restaurant is admirably low on trash-TV antics, lending it additional family-friendly appeal in the 8 p.m. hour leading into another competition, "Celebrity Apprentice."
  23. Oxygen's The Glee Project--designed to give an unknown performer a seven-episode arc on the Fox series--debuts amid a glut of music-related TV contests, including "The Voice," "America's Got Talent" and "Platinum Hit." Still, undeniable Gleek appeal should be enough to make the fun if formulaic show a basic-cable breakout.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    A serviceable thrills-and-chills skein that stands out as one of the cabler's more ambitious projects thanks to the subject matter as well as ace production values. [14 June 2002, p.18]
    • Variety
  24. West doesn’t much resemble Burton, but he embodies him, capturing a proud man who is both battle-scarred and spent, like a bullfighter who’s been gored a few times too many.... Directed by Richard Laxton and written by William Ivory, Burton and Taylor can’t help but feel somewhat slight, due to its structure and focus.
  25. Far from running out of tricks, the fifth season of "24" opens with a bang, incorporating an element of mystery that promises to be more satisfying than the somewhat disappointing fourth day in Jack Bauer's very busy life.
  26. The idea Selfridge was a serial philanderer adds an interesting layer to the character who, despite being the boss, actually blends into the large cast, in a series that’s full of romantic triangles, hunger and striving, and where good-looking waiters are urged to cater to the needs of wealthy socialites.
  27. All in all, though Greenleaf strays a bit, it manages to balance its many priorities with something that approaches grace, which is only appropriate for a story set in the house of the Lord.
  28. It’s all fairly lightweight and nonsensical, but in an entertaining way.

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