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7,732 movie reviews
  1. This needlessly incoherent thriller treats its convoluted nonsense with grave seriousness. It's mawkish, maudlin, and tongue-tied — countless scenes end with characters excusing themselves to go to bed, and you may want to join them.
  2. A mushy concoction that's not only unfulfilling, it's gag-worthy.
  3. The Kid's denouement resembles the nightmare that would have transpired had execs foisted a toupee and a happy ending on "12 Monkeys."
    • 30 Metascore
    • 10 Reviewed by
      Ed Park
    Preachy and humorless, Eban and Charley shocks only by the quality of its numbing solipsism.
  4. It's the summer's most disingenuous movie -- a real achievement in a waning season that included Tim Burton's "Banana Splits" remake.
  5. Costner's not a mannered showboat, and what we get isn't a riff—it's a semi-oblivious glimpse of bitter outlaw banality.
  6. This flat run at a hip-hop "Tootsie" is so poorly paced you could fit all of Pootie Tang in between its punchlines.
  7. Even from deep in a K-hole, you'd need about 10 seconds to figure out the remaining plot twists in this jaded muscle-queen morality tale.
  8. So extremely stupid and incompetent, I doubt that even the most impartial critic could find much to praise.
  9. It's barely a movie.
  10. A stinky dumpster for sentimental dung about homelessness and the magical mecca that isn't Manhattan.
  11. If all-out headache-nausea-braindeath is what you crave, Whipped's available.
    • 29 Metascore
    • 10 Reviewed by
      Ed Park
    It's about following your dreams, no matter what your parents think. Socrates motions for hemlock.
  12. A self-adrenalizing, self-destructing pop-culture whirligig.
  13. Valentine isn't exploitative or trendy in the manner of so many indie films. Rather, it seems like the kind of art film that might have been dreamed up by a feverish high schooler.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    A real snooze.
  14. Clearly the product of an editing-room scramble, New Best Friend is a self-lambasting farce, despite Kirshner's passionate college try at establishing a third dimension in a brain-dead movie flatland.
  15. Vomitous.
  16. This dreadfully earnest inversion of the "Concubine" love triangle eschews the previous film's historical panorama and roiling pathos for bug-eyed mugging and gay-niche condescension.
  17. A real midlife crisis might be more enjoyable.
  18. This perky would-be consciousness-raiser dilutes a potentially interesting subject -- interracial marriage -- with half-baked platitudes, self-conscious acting, and a plot trite enough to be rejected by the PAX channel.
  19. Contrived and contrived sloppily, this self-adoring soap even manages to make its all-Hispanic cast seem unconvincing -- except for Seda.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    The only rationale for the production seems to be that the pair were gay, and therein lies the main problem with this uninspired example of queer-film-festival filler.
  20. Clichéd and condescending.
  21. From the auteur who assaulted us with "Sleepless in Seattle" comes a more punishing film.
  22. Griffin and Solvang's obliviousness, and the filmmakers' habit of mugging condescendingly while conducting interviews doesn't help either.
  23. Despite its incoherence and inaudible dialogue, this slice-of-life film manages to be simultaneously thuggish and platitudinous.
  24. The film seems dimly aware of its own ridiculousness, but it lacks the constitution for self-mockery.
  25. Bloodless, lip-biting psycho-carnage.
    • 33 Metascore
    • 10 Reviewed by
      Ed Park
    Contains exactly three decent jokes, all stuffed in the last 15 minutes.

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