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    Suffers from a serious case of sophomore slump.
  1. A bland aimlesssness characterizes both Northeast's lead character and the film itself.
  2. The script's programmatic feel-goodery smooths out everything strange and noteworthy about Dean and Mei Mei's relationship into an unmemorable and unconvincing blandness.
    • 32 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    A retarded sense of meta is achieved whenever Leto's Chapman goes on about the phony theatrics of film actors, but it's Lindsay Lohan, as über–Lennon fan Jude, who breaks your heart, looking convincingly horrified that she has three undeserved Razzies while Leto has none.
  3. Less a movie than a charm offensive beamed at those who thought "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was a masterpiece.
  4. The movie is trite like the ocean is big.
  5. With no irony and no plot beyond Girls Have Band, Voss reduces Kali and Fauna to earnest Janus faces of Hole's schizo aesthetic.
  6. Approaches its ideas of reverse racism and the hypocrisies of tolerance with a heavy hand and odious moralizing.
  7. In Jackson's hands, The Lovely Bones is doubly appalling. Part Disney's "Alice in Wonderland," part Fritz Lang's "M," the movie is horrific yet cloying, alternately distended and abrupt, sometimes poignant and often ridiculous.
  8. Son of God is a narrative shambles, more thudding than thunderous, shot with no spirit or distinction, always feeling like a sprawling TV miniseries cut up to fit into theatrical running time.
  9. The staging and performances are awkward, the frequent shoot-outs a snore.
  10. A cheap-looking action movie that sabotages itself at almost every turn.
    • 30 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Perhaps the most charitable thing that can be said about the 143-minute marathon My Way - with a reported budget of almost $25 million, the costliest Korean motion picture ever produced - is that it does nothing by halves.
  11. Despite an A-list roster, the performances are universally one-note, a fact largely attributable to a script overflowing with blunt dialogue and heavy-handed symbolism.
  12. Only silent Becks himself rises unstained from this reheated ethno-niche stew.
  13. The worst kind of bastard adaptation, Secret subtracts without adding.
  14. The one genuine bright spot among the performers is Kristen Bell as Windows's would-be girlfriend, his dream combination of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Janeane Garofalo.
  15. A numb, oddly dispassionate trudge toward predestined doom, inevitable in all the wrong ways.
  16. The overall comic premise is both clumsy and truly icky, because how exactly do you make progressive good on a "parody of violence against women" logline?
  17. Has an elegance roughly on par with a Goosebumps novel, refusing to follow its own contradictory rules and barely sustaining a pretense of internal logic.
  18. Dreary adventure. Parents, be forewarned: No talking equines means more songs, and the viselike soundtrack might be someone's idea of a cruel joke: hoarse whisperer Bryan Adams.
  19. Visually unspectacular and emotionally stillborn, The Sorcerer and the White Snake fails as both a fantasy and a romance.
  20. Merely an indulgent vehicle for Mrs. Ritchie -- and Madonna is so spectacularly convincing as a hateful, self-absorbed, nouveau riche ogress that her character's third-act transformation is as preposterous as her overmuscled physique.
    • 22 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Take has the audacity to excuse its bad cinematic habits as figments of both Saul and Ana's imaginations.
  21. Mena Suvari, as Art's vindictive ex-fuckbuddy, gives sole signs of life--Miller is so void of presence that one can forget she's in the movie from scene to scene.
  22. Doyle loves bad jokes and his story has no rhyme or reason, dissolving in its last third into a bungled heist and jailhouse face-off.
  23. Cloaks a familiar anti-feminist equation (career - kids = misery) in tiresome romantic-comedy duds.
  24. The Governess is too dirty-minded to fit the Merchant Ivory mold but not salacious enough to qualify as bodice-ripping laff riot. [04 Aug 1998]
    • Village Voice
  25. It is draggily paced and lacks felicity of form; the 3-D is a rip-off and the songs are pap, save a snippet of Etta James singing "At Last" while Bieber's glossy fringe sways in slow-motion.
  26. A pretend poison pen letter to Hollywood sleaze and excess, Prince of Swine is in fact Toma's application to join the club - hopefully denied.

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