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6,837 movie reviews
  1. The acting is superb, particularly from the three principals.
  2. An exceedingly loopy satire of the entire American political circus, and could be viewed as offensive to the sensitive-souled in either camp. And time hasn't in the least softened its bite. [Re-release]
  3. A movie that dares you to slow down and enjoy the subtleties of life.
  4. Lilya's struggle to make a life for herself is both heartbreaking and heart-stirring.
  5. A deliciously mordant French spine-tingler.
  6. Director Jonathan Demme has nailed one with this playful, but dangerous, gangster farce.
  7. The 11-year-old Osment evokes the boy's terror and awful predicament so memorably, you'll never forget him.
  8. A beautifully textured, disarmingly simple movie about romantic devotion.
  9. Sinfully watchable ensemble movie.
  10. One of the great movie satires. And if it isn't the funniest rock spoof ever made, it certainly shares the title with "The Rutles."
  11. When you think you've figured out Bielinsky's great game, that's when you're in the most trouble: He's the con, and you're just the mark.
  12. If Mystic River is just a bit overplayed, a tad too highly pitched, it still resonates with grief and fury and feeling.
  13. The summer's most rousing action picture.
  14. One of the more accomplished and beautiful films released thus far this year.
  15. The director has created a not-to-miss gem for the discriminating viewer.
  16. Each revelation seems more disturbing than the next. But Chinese treatment of Tibetans is only half the heartbreak. The other is the amazing resilience of the Tibetans, who are overwhelmingly Buddhist.
  17. Profoundly affecting.
  18. All in all, A Good Woman retains ye olde Wilde's zing, his sense of pace and place, but most of all his snappy one-liners, and it finds a new way to showcase them brilliantly.
  19. It is through the genius of Frears, screenwriter Jimmy McGovern and this talented cast that Liam lets no one off the hook, least of all the audience.
  20. From the very first seconds a viewer believes totally in Downfall.
  21. The movie equivalent of a great read. It's a masterfully conducted concert of characters...already head and shoulders above most of the competition.
  22. Unforgettable, especially in Pearce's startling performance.
  23. You will laugh. Then you will laugh some more. Then you will laugh still again.
  24. A canny (and profoundly sexy) movie.
  25. This is a spectacularly well-made thriller. It is an odd thing, really -- the movie is sexy and at the same time a warning about the costs of sex.
  26. Ten
    Shows us, in an extraordinarily simple way, the hopes and frustrations of one woman's life.
  27. Like all good fairy tales, this outsize celebration of perseverance and moral triumph contains within it a deeper idea -- in this case, the relative nature of what we think we know, and what's worth knowing at all. No doubt Dickens himself would approve.
  28. Sure, the heroes and villains are arranged in a convenient moral gallery. But the performances, Weir's adroit direction and John Seale's superb cinematography take care of that banality.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    This is a bittersweet story, no question. But to the son's great credit, what emerges from his patient investigation is a remarkably rich, even sympathetic, portrait of the father.
  29. Ponyo isn't Hayao Miyazaki's greatest film -- that would be a tall order in a 30-year feature career that includes the Oscar-winning "Spirited Away" -- but his beautiful, quirky fable has magic other children's movies can't touch.

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