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6,593 movie reviews
  1. Adolescents are too grown-up for this blasted nonsense.
  2. Mr. Whipple squeezing his Charmin is scarier than this phony baloney computer effects-driven anaconda.
  3. An overgrown hybrid of disaster epic, can-do combat adventure and '50s sci-fi movie, this craft has visited our world many times before. And while she's a beaut, the sticker on her titanium bumper reads: "Been There, Done That, Beam Me Up, Scotty."
  4. If laughter is the best medicine, Patch Adams is but a sugary, fitfully amusing placebo.
  5. Sphere, an unfathomable chowder of recycled science fiction and undersea thrillers, briefly bubbles with promise only to plummet into the murky depths. Weighed down by inconsistencies and pretensions, the tale founders like a stinky beluga.
  6. A glittery but dunderheaded murder mystery.
  7. Not only dense, dark and deeply introspective, it's also as remote as it's chilly.
  8. Movies don't come much lamer than Fools Rush In.
  9. The story isn’t bright enough or grand enough to contain all of Roberts’s star power.
  10. Recalls those corny Warner Bros. movies about Dead End Kids.
  11. Obstreperous, male-bashing pain in the patoot.
  12. Annoying.
  13. A more kid-friendly version of "Dumb and Dumber." And there's even a moral: "Yahoo for education," though the movie doesn't really put any muscle behind it.
  14. The nonsensical screenplay can barely stand-up to the hellzapoppin, Beelzebubbin effects mustered by first-time director Mark Dippe.
  15. The script boasts more writers than the computerized menagerie's got megabytes, but they haven't come up with much variety or humor in what is essentially a string of catastrophes.
  16. There's a sense of mystery in this purply palette and one of majesty in the landscapes, but the drama of the drawings is never really echoed by the skimpy and predictable story.
  17. For all their sass, brass and bewitchery, the starring troika can't breathe life into these characters, much less transform them from women scorned into hellbent furies.
  18. Passionately anticipated and much ballyhooed, the film, alas, is little more than a foppish, fang de siecle costume drama. Its pulse barely registers.
  19. Writer Alan Sharp gets so caught up in the legend and the lush language that he doesn't seem to know he's written "Death Wish" in kilts.
  20. Sans emotional depth or narrative drive, Lee's latest flick is little more than a profane litany punctuated by Oscar-caliber orgasms.
  21. This preposterous stalker flick, in fact, has less to do with America's favorite pastime or Gil's psychosis than with Hollywood's own obsession with blood sport. And for all British director Tony Scott knows about baseball, the thing might as well have been set in a cabbage patch.
  22. My Blue Heaven puts you in a stupor comparable to the one that comes on after Thanksgiving turkey. Written by Nora Ephron, it makes you long for the awful "Heartburn."
  23. A punky, futuristic effort by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, it is a tasteless variation on "Sweeney Todd" set geographically near the border of Terry Gilliam's "Brazil."
  24. Pytka's marginally successful at setting this gambler's fantasy against the Damon Runyonesque aspects of the horsy life.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    It really should be arrested for impersonating an interesting movie.
  25. "Wolverine" is full of angst, and yet has had virtually all the soul wrung out of it in an effort to create a live-action cartoon. But cartoons are rarely so unwieldy, or force a director -- in this case, the largely unsung Gavin Hood -- to juggle so much impossible plotline.
  26. It's a glossified, cluttered parody of itself. Almodovar is no longer a burlesque auteur. He's a repeat offender.
  27. Always is an unfulfilled promise, a plummeting dove.
  28. The picture is not a social satire. It’s a mess.
  29. It leaves audiences in a limbo every bit as torturous as the one the protagonist is in.

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