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Highest review score: 100 The Quiet American
Lowest review score: 0 Saving Silverman
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6,799 movie reviews
  1. What the filmmakers try to play for laughs -- a mom and her daughters chatting about orgasms while shoe shopping -- isn't funny, it's creepy.
  2. But by the end of the movie -- which seems to last longer than the Crusades -- all the good stuff has dissipated.
  3. The movie feels forced, cliched and derivative.
  4. Schmaltzy.
  5. It's just sort of trying.
  6. Its long-winded denouement, in which Grazia runs away rather than be sent to an institution, doesn't bring the story full circle. It just extends it.
  7. The fight between good and evil feels fixed in favor of Hollywood redemption.
  8. This character was an abusive swine. Perhaps it would be best to let his art stand on its own.
  9. The frightening myths about adoption that run through Like Mike make even its happiest endings a little bit creepy.
  10. In the end, Unfaithful leaves you dispirited and grumpy: All that money spent, all that talent wasted, all that time gone forever, and for what? It's an ill movie that bloweth no man to good.

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