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6,755 movie reviews
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    This highly stylized adaptation of the popular Max Payne video game is 70 percent dark, snowy atmospherics and 30 percent loud, violent action.
  1. For a quicker and more startling survey of Hong Kong stunts gone wrong, just check out the blooper clips that conclude any '80s Chan flick.
  2. The satirical edge has been dulled in a film that is dominated, and ultimately swamped, by its star's mannered, pixilated performance.
  3. A protracted and only sporadically imaginative menu of ways to be murdered.
  4. The film is a soggy mess, essentially a loud, wild 100-minute battle movie bookended by an incomprehensible beginning and a laughable ending.
  5. Actually underserves its star, who is better than schlocky material like this would lead you to believe.
  6. There's only one thing to do with this "Bottle": Put a cork in it.
  7. The premise is tragically flawed and politically incorrect. In fact, it is blatantly cat-ist.
  8. For all its stylishness, verve and moments of visual poetry, the relentlessly punishing slapstick and overall cruel tone left me cold.
  9. This time-travel scenario is by now shopworn, and the normally riotous Lawrence, a manic and gifted clown, is hamstrung in his efforts to eke humor from the anemic script.

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