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Highest review score: 100 12 Years a Slave
Lowest review score: 0 Armageddon
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6,568 movie reviews
  1. I'd give this movie about half a miracle.
  2. It's the sort of movie that can make normally well-read and intelligent viewers feel stupid.
  3. Most of the comedy, such as it is, consists of the uppity Chase acting "street" and the ghetto-fabulous Tiffany putting on moneyed airs. But, if you've seen the trailers, you already know that.
  4. Feels more like "Porky's" with marinara sauce than "Summer of '42."
  5. There's little here to offend anyone, and even less here to excite anyone.
  6. The plot feels arbitrary and seems driven to invent new places for its protagonists to go, as if to justify a budget on which Woody Allen could have made six much better films.
  7. You won't feel enlightened, just let down
  8. Drowning in uncharted waters and way off-center in any world.
  9. Proof of Life isn't a movie. It's an overpriced scrapbook.
  10. Watching this movie, you also have to ask yourself: Just how many acts of self-inflicted finger amputations do I really want to see?
  11. Although the hallmarks of Rudolph movies can be found everywhere -- they don't add up to the usual magic this time.
  12. The good news might be that Huppert wasn't available for Alias Betty, but the bad news is that it didn't stop France from exporting yet one more cold, pretentious, thoroughly dislikable study in sociopathy.
  13. Stone-dead bad, incoherently bad... Cage acts as if he has been taking hits off of Dennis Hopper's gas mask. There's no way to overstate it: This is scorched-earth acting -- the most flagrant scenery chewing I've ever seen.
  14. Dismal. Lame. Not funny.
  15. There was absolutely no reason to make a new version of the 1970 comedy.
  16. Nothing could save this movie. These guys make a fortune off the comedy of cruelty. How dare they climb on a soapbox?
  17. Feels razor thin. None of the characters is particularly noteworthy. And the revelations of deep-seated conspiracy in the usual privileged, closed circles are hackneyed and tired.
  18. The film is one of those accursed self-styled "outrageous" comedies that play the horrific for broad laughs, with a comically inflated style of dialogue that's so hip one doubts it could have been conceived before 1997, much less 1847.
  19. The story moves so slowly and obviously, you don't even need to be in the theater very much (or your living room when the video comes out) to follow it.
  20. I liked Coyote Ugly better when it was called "Flashdance," although I didn't like it very much then.
  21. Oddly off-balance, estrogen-powered dramedy.
  22. Nobody really cares about the plot, least of all the filmmakers.
  23. Allegations of governmental double-talk and cover-ups are, unfortunately, boooring.
  24. A disaster of a drama, saved only by its winged assailants. You know a picture's in trouble when you find yourself rooting for humankind to lose.
  25. Nothing more, or less, than a cheap, dirty grab at our Christmas spirit.
  26. Let's accentuate the positive: Saving Silverman really stinks. No, really. It's bad. Awful.
  27. An exercise in vanity, indulgence and a startling degree of shallowness.
  28. It's all too, too cute and too, too forced for words -- not to mention too, too dark.
  29. It's painful watching a talented thespian diminish himself so. It's clear he did it for the Benjamins.
  30. An Upper West Sidey exercise in narcissism and self-congratulation disguised as a tribute.

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