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  1. As Crossing Over makes its patronizing points, by way of two-dimensional characters and billboarded plot points, it recalls other, better movies that dealt with the same subjects far more deftly.
  2. It tries unsuccessfully to make a wry gumshoe noir out of an overarching, cross-sectional political diagram.
  3. Relentless formulaic fodder for the explosion-starved; it's loud, shallow, sexist and a complete waste of time.
  4. John C. McGinley from "Scrubs" gets to strut some of his comic stuff as the deranged builder, but he's the only passable feature in a property that should be condemned.
  5. Maybe the easiest thing would be to skip the movie altogether. Godard has created such a hermetic, uncompromising world that only the hardiest cinematic spelunkers are likely to appreciate its depths.
  6. Belabored, ostentatious, overlong behemoth.
  7. The dialogue is often drowned out by engine noise.
  8. Sure, I laughed. Yes, I cried. But mostly I just wanted to throw up.
  9. The Jacket is doing nothing but sampling elements of "Jacob's Ladder," "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Memento" without offering more than hackneyed solutions, including a rather cheesy conclusion.
  10. In the translation from page to film, the life seems to have gone out of the story
  11. A movie devoted to baroque revenge would be, on its own terms, acceptable; what makes Law Abiding Citizen so risible is its humorless conviction that it's got Big Ideas at its core.
  12. Its heart is vaguely in the right place.
  13. It's zany. Actually, it's so zany it's almost creepy.
  14. Did I laugh? Yeah, I did, half a dozen times. Not a great percentage for a film with something close to 300 quote-unquote jokes.
  15. An extraordinary collective act of moral and physical courage is relegated to a backdrop for a mushy, synthetic family melodrama.
  16. But by the time Willis's character saves this considerably long day, it's filmgoers who will no doubt feel like prisoners, as a movie that promises to be a taut nail-biter devolves into the kind of silly, overblown climax parodied so beautifully by Robert Altman in "The Player."
  17. A good-natured but failed experiment in meeting cute -- indie-movie style.
  18. One mediocre, ploddingly predictable film, loaded down with cheesy Hollywood tactics.
  19. Annoying.
  20. Though Hard Candy clearly believes pedophiles should be chopped into little pieces and buried in an unmarked grave, its only purpose is exploitative. Sure, it's a cautionary tale for all those sicko wolves out there, but it's nothing more than an unabashed lurk-and-dread fest.
  21. An unsurprising, undistinguished piece of post-summer, pre-holiday detritus.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Director Michael Winterbottom languidly unspools the story; nothing seems to lead to anything.
  22. One overly busy (not to mention shopworn) story, which regurgitates everything from H.G. Wells's "The Island of Dr. Moreau" to the herky-jerky monsters of Ray Harryhausen to James Bond to "The Mummy."
  23. It wants us to believe that being popular and getting the cutest guy in school really is the key to happiness. Like, how totally last century is that?
  24. A vulgar attempt to revamp the undead genre by introducing computer-generated splatter and a casketful of themes from genetic tinkering to conspiracy theories.
  25. Artistically, You, Me and Dupree is a mess. Technically, it's an abomination. Spiritually, it's a void. Commercially, it'll probably be a big hit.
  26. The movie wants to trade on atmosphere more than plot, but even the atmosphere rings false.
  27. It's uninspired and insipid all the way.
  28. Gator never emerges as anything but a blatant and outspoken -- and virulently brutal -- jerk.
  29. It's just a loud, derivative grade-Z horror film of no particular distinction.

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