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Lowest review score: 0 Speed 2: Cruise Control
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6,942 movie reviews
  1. The movie has the sense of being embalmed, or pickled. With its stilted dialogue not quite kitschy enough to be funny and not quite authentic enough to be realistic, the whole movie feels as if it's taking place in formaldehyde.
  2. As a whole, the film is a perplexing, dark and brooding exercise, which only makes its inappropriately cheery ending feel all the more slight.
    • 44 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The humor is rigorously unoriginal and it all feels a bit like minstrelsy, a freakish, ritualistic nod to things your grandfather might have found funny.
  3. It would be one thing if Christmas With the Kranks were a satire on the assaultive, bullying nature of contemporary Christmas celebration in this country, but it's not. It's an ugly glorification of it.
  4. The only reason to watch this movie is for stargazing, nice shots of the sea and to revel in a world where false promises, lies and empty posturing are actively encouraged.
  5. This is nothing but a dare-to-be-terrible movie.
  6. Fast and furious, shallow, empty, casually racist, merry, jaunty, silly and utterly weightless.
  7. If only Shadowboxer had gone for more than an unwavering commitment to imitate better movies, it might have been one for the cult shelves at the video store. Right now, you'll be lucky if you find it in the giveaway bin.
  8. Max
    Mad Max just sails off into nonsense.
  9. The movie never transcended its elaborate production work to achieve an independent reality.
  10. Feels like something I know is supposed to be good for me, but that I just couldn't stomach.
  11. It's just silly, loud and goofy. The dragon needed a bigger part and the two stars smaller ones.
  12. Here, Lyne indulges more in misdirection than in direction; he's a magician turning a sleazy trick. But even his technical skill breaks down. The picture is garbled and cliched.
  13. Hanks is great; the movie isn't.
  14. One hackneyed, inauthentic, predictable scene after another.
  15. It's piddling -- a hangdog little comedy with not enough laughs...its spirit rattles around inside it like a marble in an oil drum.
  16. Each plot twist trumps its predecessor into ludicrousness.
  17. Zem and Bourgoin are great, but the movie is too frivolous to win anything but a dismissal in the court of moviegoer opinion.
  18. Cut-and-dried sci-fi thriller.
  19. The story, a half-baked one about treachery and greed, meanders to an unsatisfactory ending with a punch line that, well, doesn't punch very hard.
  20. Stone's film is a case study in cultural analysis that aims at too much and achieves too little.
  21. They made a movie without one basic ingredient: the story.
  22. It's too bad Chan's imagination and delicacy were wasted in this movie.
  23. Overdresses and ultimately abandons what drew us to its 1998 predecessor in the first place: an intimate embrace with history.
  24. Dragged down by a paper-thin story, the predictable number of fight scenes executed at equally predictable intervals and stock, unmemorable characters.
  25. Although this script starts off with great zest, it's ultimately a disappointment.
  26. Kids sense when a movie is being noisy and frantic just to keep them distracted; these apes are overcaffeinated.
  27. The muddy, convoluted story revolves around the star's cool-guy poses and one-liners.
  28. Outlandish, uneven, preposterous and often maddeningly morbid.
  29. Nothing in this film makes any sense, and Stuart Blumberg, David T. Wagner and Brent Goldberg's script merely gets more preposterous as it elaborates on its implausible premise.

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