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  1. 1941 represents an appalling waste of filmmaking and performing resources. As one would expect, Spielberg, who directed "Jaws" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," sustains a high energy level. But the energy is expended on material that is pointless at best and occasionally hateful. [15 Dec 1979, p.C1]
    • Washington Post
  2. Although filled with fey, flamboyant characters, the stereotype of the gay hairdresser seems to have been meticulously expunged.
  3. There's some cool sword-fighting. But still, it's junk.
  4. Sloppy compendium of filthy jokes and lowbrow sight gags.
    • 14 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    We don't have much space to tell you about Glitter, so we'll be blunt. This star vehicle for singer Mariah Carey is primarily a showcase for her breasts.
  5. So rancid is Brooks's fury that it's clouded his judgment, so that each of his main characters is a stereotype of the most broad-brush, malodorous nature.
  6. The cast is too good for the script and the script is too good for the director and the director is too good for the horny dog jokes.
  7. The exuberance of the Rugrats seems nullified by the effete quirkiness of the Thornberrys.
  8. While director Aronofsky pistol-whips your attention with his style, the characters (mostly relegated to human mannequins in Aronofsky's visual schemes) suffer big time.
    • 40 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    There are two dance-offs, multiple fat jokes and one sight gag using eye boogers, a heretofore ignored bodily fluid. These are the highlights.
    • 31 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    With all the dog dung in Envy, it's almost too easy to generalize that it stinks. But it does, unfortunately, despite the big-name actors in its cast.
  9. Less a movie than a meticulously, tediously accurate Civil War reenactment committed to celluloid.
  10. The film oozes sentimentality, soap-opera bathos and clumsy cribbings from the Frank Capra book of small-town values. Those are its good points.
  11. A lowbrow, only fitfully amusing comedy.
  12. An unfunny comedy by Tony Vitale that is enacted not by fleshed-out characters but by hackneyed, two-dimensional stereotypes. There’re so many sexual and ethnic caricatures, it’s hard to know which is most offensive.
  13. It just doesn't work...This isn't a blend of modern and classic so much as a collision.
  14. A 90-minute confessathon minus the bleeped-out cuss words and pixelated breasts.
  15. A movie that sags and drags under the weight of poor pacing, execrable writing and largely unlikable characters.
  16. The movie is very loud. It is pointlessly loud, arbitrarily loud, assaultively loud.
  17. This movie just doesn't match its predecessors.
  18. The movie doesn't have the energy to be truly horrible. It's too muted and enervated. But it's a somewhat tedious thing to sit through.
  19. The inside story is weak, dull and head-poundingly boring, and the outside story is only slightly better, thanks to the lukewarm likability of its two stars.
  20. A boilerplate melodrama whose good guys and bad guys are so baldly drawn they could have been conceived by Friz Freleng.
  21. Whether it's the sight of Reynolds squeezed painfully into a football uniform or the endless footballs-to-the-crotch and tired gay jokes, The Longest Yard has the feeling of mutton dressed as lamb.
  22. The result is a script so needlessly complicated that it defies comprehension.
  23. Rated PG, which must stand for "particularly gullible," it's "Raiders of the Lost Ark" for people who slept through American history class.
  24. It's a movie with the exciting parts cut out.
  25. Cloverfield is a relentless, I-thought-my-eyeballs-were-bleeding exercise in visual disorientation.
  26. It's just so darn annoying to watch this attractive, seemingly smart woman throw her life away for some (admittedly rather hot) sex in the greenhouse.
  27. Most of the humor in The Pink Panther derives from Martin's silly French accent, especially when he tries to pronounce the word "hamburger." But zat joke, she ees not funny. And The Pink Panther ees, how you say, ze real dog.

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