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6,799 movie reviews
  1. For a quicker and more startling survey of Hong Kong stunts gone wrong, just check out the blooper clips that conclude any '80s Chan flick.
  2. The satirical edge has been dulled in a film that is dominated, and ultimately swamped, by its star's mannered, pixilated performance.
  3. A protracted and only sporadically imaginative menu of ways to be murdered.
  4. The Wachowski brothers have rendered their chronicles into banality, as if trying to imitate the qualitative tailspin of the "Star Wars" series.
  5. One mediocre, ploddingly predictable film, loaded down with cheesy Hollywood tactics.
  6. There's only one thing to do with this "Bottle": Put a cork in it.
  7. The premise is tragically flawed and politically incorrect. In fact, it is blatantly cat-ist.
  8. For all its stylishness, verve and moments of visual poetry, the relentlessly punishing slapstick and overall cruel tone left me cold.
  9. This time-travel scenario is by now shopworn, and the normally riotous Lawrence, a manic and gifted clown, is hamstrung in his efforts to eke humor from the anemic script.
    • 38 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Short on real teenage angst and emotion, the film is long on caricatures.
  10. Too infuriatingly quirky and taken with its own style to get down to telling a story.
  11. Michael Winterbottom's Code 46 commits a Code 1 violation: It's boring.
  12. So programmatic, so dogged in hitting the right steps at the right time that it completely lacks spontaneity.
  13. This movie is so wearying in its mediocrity, the inappropriate Ronica almost registers as dramatic relief.
  14. Seems fatally out of tune, with every staged encounter falling as flat as the protagonist's hot-ironed bob.
  15. From the get-go, the story remains bogged down in its rather limited morass.
  16. None of it appears to be well thought out, or thought through, and it's consequently never remotely believable.
    • 23 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Coasts on comic fumes, relying on colloquialisms, foreign accents, racial stereotypes, lemon sharks, Speedos and inopportune erections to supply the funny. Any one of these things might work in a comedy that was less contrived.
  17. I would rather have a more interesting group of desperate people to spend my post-apocalyptic time with.
  18. A brightly wrapped, ketchup-drenched mush-burger, it slides down the Zeitgeist esophagus like a slippery McPelican. You pay, you swallow, you drive home. You're left with nothing except, possibly, heartburn.
  19. Del Toro will probably get an Oscar nod for his Jerry, because the film is so full of Oscar moments, including a cold-turkey detox bit. He rumbles and shivers and screeches and bangs his head on the wall and takes a shower in his clothes. I never believed a second of it.
  20. What it suffers from most is the sense of offhand storytelling that lies halfway between creative laziness and cost-cutting sloppiness.
  21. If, at odd moments, The Rock is better than tolerable, it is usually because of its stars.
  22. Crazy? Crazy is too mild a word by far to describe the twisted worm at play inside the skull of the Canadian director David Cronenberg -- And that craziness is given full vent in the vomitorium called eXistenZ.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Figgis depends on his considerable ability to evoke mood in a symphony of image, montage and music. But these scenes, watchable as some of them are (and I don't mean the Fall of Man Follies), don't accumulate into much more than abstract mush. [25 Jun 1999]
    • Washington Post
  23. Never better than fair to middling pleasant.
  24. Although it contains many visually compelling passages and some provocative moments, the movie is strangely banal and simplistic.
    • 31 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Tiresome and messy.
  25. Far too slick and manufactured to claim street credibility.
  26. A predictable and outlandishly contrived take on the Pygmalion myth.

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