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Lowest review score: 0 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
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8201 movie reviews
  1. Leads you through a miserable childhood without sentimentality or relief. The effect is torturous.
  2. The stranger and more unusual the characters, and the less they're explained, the better.
  3. Cuts a path directly to the heart.
  4. A provocative experience that lights you up even as it brutalizes you. And I don't even like Brad Pitt very much.
  5. (Stamp and Fonda's) polar-opposition in acting styles and temperament, their cultural differences and their pop-cultural synergy come together with almost delicious cacophony.
  6. Endearing if slight, Superstar at least knows what it's doing the whole way.
  7. The longest, hardest sit of the season -- you are stuck there, a single tube of puckered muscle, waiting for the extremely ugly violence to occur -- but it is driven by performances of such luminous humanity that they break your heart.
  8. Solemn, earnest and as laboriously paced as a fat Sicilian's funeral procession.
  9. We know the story will conclude with a crescendo of frozen-north hallelujahs. Cheering is endemic to Disney. They can't help themselves.
  10. No darn good.
  11. Enough to make any thinking person want to shoot a hole in the screen.
  12. Enormously entertaining.
  13. This sweet little tale is as informative as it is entertaining for its target audience, the very youngest of the Muppet franchise's fans.
  14. Along with a lot of 10-gallon laughs, Happy, Texas rustles up plenty of goodwill for its larcenous, sexually ambiguous leading men.
  15. Beginning with an intriguing premise, which it manages to squander in record time, it turns out to be a thinly imagined, thinly acted, silly exercise in car crashes, chases and nasty outbursts of generic violence.
  16. A sort of thinking-person's cornball movie.
  17. But the best thing about Jakob the Liar is that it's not "Patch Adams at Auschwitz."
  18. If you don't operate on the premise that soccer is the most important thing in the universe, you might not go along with everything in Fever Pitch.
  19. Affecting, gloriously acted.
  20. May not rock the joint. But then, it isn't trying to.
  21. The baseball half of the story just slightly works. ... Nothing in [the other] half of the film works.
  22. A pooped, poorly executed buddy-cop comedy with more cliches than expletives.
  23. Hilarious, painful and brutally frank.
  24. This movie reeks, stinks, smells and destroys life as we know it with one olfactory destructive blast.
  25. A vicious anti-Catholic diatribe disguised as an audition tape for MTV.
  26. Fitfully amusing but nothing remarkable
  27. An irredeemably transparent... DIRECT RIPPING OFF OF "SPEED."
  28. Too lightweight and streamlined to be memorable.
    • 38 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    A beautiful, sad, spiritual story with joy and delicacy, visual chops and emotional depth.
  29. The list of great moments is virtually endless.

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