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  1. The double-episode premiere drags like it has all the time in the world, leaving a viewer time to wonder if he or she has much room left for another show with swords, beheadings and rapey pillagings. But Sutter is skilled at balancing emotion and gore, and it isn’t long before you start to believe in this place and these people.
  2. Sure, it’s all sort of dumb, but Quantico also doesn’t mess around.... Chopra brings a sincere, centrifugal force to this swirling story line. You leave the first episode wanting to know what happens next and where this conspiracy leads.
  3. What remains is a watchable and weird story (thanks mainly to Lynch, whose gifts for line-delivery verge on the divine) about an intuitive new friend showing up just when she’s most needed.
  4. Though the title lamentably plays into the stereotype that all women are just a breakup away from psychosis, there’s plenty else to like about this exuberant and slightly strange dramedy.
  5. Though I’m not in love with the idea of another sitcom in which a woman fixates on engagement rings and wedding planning, it’s impossible to resist the fluidly written, sharply performed quips and pop-culture references that are effortlessly strewn across Marry Me’s pilot episode.
  6. The point is, once it gets going, The Last Kingdom is a nicely told and suitably adventurous story of revenge.
  7. The Claire Danes/Carrie Mathison comparisons are inevitable (especially when Heigl’s character numbs her grief with casual sex with strangers), but State of Affairs feels like an honest NBC upgrade.
  8. Suburgatory displays a polished sense of humor and a better cast than it deserves, which makes it worth a look.
  9. Downton Abbey doesn’t meet any objective criteria for brilliant television except for one: escapism.
  10. Shades of Blue certainly isn’t shy about hauling out some of the tropiest tropes about cops who find themselves wearing a wire. Still, there’s something compelling and worth watching here--mainly Lopez’s enthusiastic and determined performance. Liotta also has a lot left to give.
  11. For those who don't mind getting sent off in lots of false directions, or aren't going to even try to keep up, Perception offers the chance to just go along for an enjoyable ride.
  12. The good news about Sonic Highways is that it doesn’t have enough time to bore us to tears.
  13. The results are often wickedly amusing.
  14. Downton Abbey comes back stronger and more muscular this time, with intriguing and shocking new plots that provide a bit of vital momentum and an uncharacteristically wrenching dose of tragedy.
  15. Her initial escapades feel overwhelmingly dour, a byproduct of stilted, emotionless dialogue. Keough plays her role with an almost impenetrable detachment that frustrates at first, but feels necessary in retrospect. ... Things start to get more interesting when Christine learns that one of her wealthy clients has kicked the bucket and left her a large sum of money, setting off alarm bells for the client’s family.
    • 44 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    With its fresh premise, the show could be a welcome oasis to viewers who are weary of animation, reality or even football.
  16. Not everyone is going to respond to its purposeful languor and subliminal intent. Winslet is at once wonderful and yet enigmatically blank--very much as written in Haynes's and Jon Raymond's screenplay.
  17. What makes Teach: Tony Danza worth watching are the teenagers themselves and the glimpses of other teachers who make the place work. Danza, meanwhile, becomes an irritating, whirling, self-aggrandizing bundle of nerves.
  18. The overall effect is pleasing, light, cheerful.
  19. Tiny flaws come close to undermining the success of Game Change as a mere film.
  20. Frasier at this point seems much more amusing when he's at home contending with his father than when he's at the workplace fielding phoned-in woes. But wherever he is, he's clearly in good hands -- the hands of old pros who still have the brash enthusiasm of young Turks. [16 Sept 1993, p.C1]
    • Washington Post
  21. Spin City is firing on all cylinders. It's a slick little contraption custom-built by professionals, and if it's not exactly full of surprises, at least it's roaringly competent. [17 Sept 1996, p.B01]
    • Washington Post
  22. As stupid as it looks, and as much as you can hate yourself for watching, it's a complex show about the nature of sin. There's a tendency to examine it too cerebrally in that regard, to think of Jersey Shore as pure performance art. Sometimes critics can be wrong in typing too many words.
  23. The first half of Vito plays almost like a 45-minute "It Gets Better" ad. [Then] Vito exchanges its subtle storytelling technique for a sobering session of gay rights homework, resembling a recent raft of documentaries about the early years of the AIDS crisis.
  24. It's a pleasant mix of a little "Juno" hipitude and a lot of "Everwood" glow, and just when it comes dangerously close to feeling like an excessively cool tampon commercial, its characters compel you to keep watching.
  25. The show feels new again, but that doesn’t mean it feels fully refreshed, nor is it immune to painting itself into the same sort of corners it got stuck in before.
  26. The meandering approach does manage to excavate some fascinating tales and memories.
  27. The better parts of The Strain will unsettle viewers with this new species of monster.... The first couple of episodes seem as if they’ve been assembled from a kit that’s missing a few nuts and bolts; by the third and fourth episodes, however, a viewer gets a much better sense of The Strain’s style and bite.
  28. With its masterfully prescient knack for melding international headlines with implausible tales of espionage, Homeland kicks off with parallel plots involving the Islamic State and a computer-hacking incident.... Carrie’s boss is demanding a high-security humanitarian visit to an ISIS trouble spot, and a viewer realizes that this updated Homeland runs the same as it always has.
  29. Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight, which is based on a book by Howard L. Bingham and Max Wallace, is best when it revels in the astonishing whiteness and occasionally ridiculous ways of yesterday’s high court.

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