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386 tv reviews
  1. A solid prime-time soap with a burnt-crisp soul.
  2. The earnestness comes in pretty strong doses, but it might be good for what ails you.
  3. It's an adrenalin-doused premise that is handsomely executed, but it feels like we get to Defcon 2 way too fast.
  4. A large supporting cast helps Vegas appear to be compelling and classy. And then CBS lapses into its old habit, as Lamb and company squander all this intriguing potential trying to solve their first of many cases.
  5. There is absolutely nothing new about anything seen here and yet Arrow has nice aim.
  6. If you haven’t been reading Marvel Comics lately... then the show can feel somewhat exclusionary and, frankly, a little too cornball and cutesy about its own geekiness.
  7. Wolk provides just the sort of casting ingenuity The Crazy Ones needs, especially as a counterbalance to Williams, who, it goes without saying, will motormouth his way through any scene he can. ... But watching [Gellar] play Williams’s dutiful and comedy-challenged daughter is a dreary primer in the pitfalls of big-name casting.
  8. No one will accuse 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' of too much authenticity, but it does have a confident breeziness in its banter that almost immediately locates a ['Barney Miller']-esque balance in the more absurd aspects of law enforcement.
  9. Dracula shows a lot of skill when it comes to launching a swift-paced series and weaving together several taut story lines and characters; at times it even finds an undiscovered sweet spot between 'Downton Abbey' and Bela Lugosi. ... Only one crucial piece is missing: Dracula isn’t scary.
  10. Like all shows set in Texas, Killer Women is cooked through with too much yee-haw sauce and a whole lot of urban-cowgirl chic, but Helfer ably carries off the assignment and keeps the momentum going.
  11. There’s a lack of conviction to Almost Royal’s premise that means the funniest parts are only just mildly funny.
  12. He may not even know his real identity, which is what makes him so good at taking on imaginary aliases. From there, the show seems a bit predictably structured, but Bean lends a strong and complex presence to the idea.
  13. Forever isn’t the freshest new show this fall, but its classiness is appreciated.
  14. If you give it a few episodes, quite a lot of the Broadchurch sensibility indeed conveys and can be enjoyed all on its own, but the series still feels like a community-theater version of something better.
  15. There isn't much in "Supernatural" to engage viewers older than Sam and Dean, but it's certainly not the worst of the new troop of spookers.
  16. It is a little better than most other sitcoms, past and present -- especially those featuring wacky urban friends in their twenties experiencing the bittersweet mysteries of life.
  17. Boasts the strongest cast of any new sitcom.
  18. Even if many elements of "Vampire Bats" seem, to say the least, familiar, director Eric Bross and writer Doug Prochilo still deliver some darn good frights.
  19. Despite the limitations, and there are a bundle, "Emily's Reasons Why Not" logs a happy high on the delightful meter -- fresh and frisky much of the time.
  20. While the film could not be called a rollicking success, it seldom if ever pauses long enough to be ordinary, complacent or conventionally minded.
  21. It's not an easy task to figure out where the thing is going, but it is intriguing watching it go there.
  22. "Ocean" follows the reality-show formula perfectly, and it's hard to look away from this piece of pretty puffery, made even more attractive by the slick documentary style that makes "Laguna Beach" so appealing.
  23. The spinoff is stylish, mindless and easily devourable. In other words, "Laguna" fans can safely put out the rallying call: "Run for 'The Hills!' "
  24. There's no question that "Dog Bites Man"... scales heights of hilarity, more than one might have a right to expect. But there's a problem: Virtually all the characters are detestable in one way or another, and partly as a result, the show never seems grounded.
  25. "Lucky Louie" is not a runaway smash right out of the gate, but neither does it stumble or implode.
  26. If you're a regular viewer of the network -- whose hits include "Stargate: SG-1" and "Battlestar Galactica" -- be glad there's plenty of sci-fi to be found on "Eureka." And if Sci Fi's not on your TiVo, be glad that the show is driven more by characters than special effects (and so-so special effects at that).
  27. For all its cribbing from plots gone by, "Vanished" still makes for good, escapist fun.
  28. Sorkin aspires to "importance," which can sometimes curdle into pretentiousness.
  29. Minor but deftly done.
  30. The laughs generated are not subtle, but at least they're there.

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