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  1. The beady-eyed Durst is a wily but generous interview subject, but where The Jinx really succeeds is in its fantastic attention to pace and detail, particularly in reenactments that are far and away better than what we usually see on “48 Hours,” et al.
    • 72 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The movie is as good as the first one, with even better dancing and a story line that engages.
  2. The premiere episode is smart and tense, the TV equivalent of the book you can't put down. [23 Sep 2002]
    • Washington Post
  3. Paradise Lost 3 is perhaps the most interesting and well-made film of the trilogy
  4. A smart and funny sitcom....Heaton is splendid as Heck, with a high-profile supporting cast.
  5. I admit to being underwhelmed by some of Lilley’s previous efforts, but Ja’mie is an enjoyably sick wallow in the evil that lurks in adolescence, as well as a formidable exercise in extreme portraiture.
  6. Louie intelligently harnesses the dark cloud that follows a truly funny man everywhere he goes.
  7. All the reasons viewers first loved Getting On are here again.
  8. It still isn't quite the hugely confident, competent hit one longs for--especially considering that "Saturday Night Live" creator Lorne Michaels is an executive producer--but it's high in quality, as well as in spirit.
  9. It’s ridiculous, it’s sumptuous, it’s perfect summer sorbet.
  10. There's an interesting psychological drama to explore here, if Ironside's writers and its seasoned cast can resist the easy, repetitive lure of cop-show pro-forma.
  11. I’m immediately impressed with Lucky 7's ensemble cast and how quickly the story drew me in and hinted at some further mysteries.
  12. Trophy Wife is the only new sitcom [this fall] that clears the double hurdles of cast chemistry and story pacing in the pilot episode.
  13. Even with a lavish two-hour premiere, Terra Nova could stand to slow down and admire the world it has taken us to--Earth, 85 million years ago. Still and all, it's a dazzling debut, with a variety of compelling mysteries to get itself going.
  14. 666 Park Avenue will have a little of what "American Horror Story" is having, obviously, even if its frights aren't nearly as jumpy.
  15. Davis is overqualified for the material, and, yet, like Kerry Washington before her, she brings an added dimension to the part of an intimidating yet vulnerable woman. Meanwhile, through the hammy uses of flash-forwarding, it’s barely any time at all before Annalise’s ambitious students are tasked with covering up their own homicidal tendencies.
  16. The Neighbors means you no harm; it is merely offering buoyant, slightly creepy entertainment for anybody who doesn't take sci-fi or satire too seriously.
  17. Though I’m not in love with the idea of another sitcom in which a woman fixates on engagement rings and wedding planning, it’s impossible to resist the fluidly written, sharply performed quips and pop-culture references that are effortlessly strewn across Marry Me’s pilot episode.
  18. The Claire Danes/Carrie Mathison comparisons are inevitable (especially when Heigl’s character numbs her grief with casual sex with strangers), but State of Affairs feels like an honest NBC upgrade.
  19. Suburgatory displays a polished sense of humor and a better cast than it deserves, which makes it worth a look.
  20. Downton Abbey doesn’t meet any objective criteria for brilliant television except for one: escapism.
  21. For those who don't mind getting sent off in lots of false directions, or aren't going to even try to keep up, Perception offers the chance to just go along for an enjoyable ride.
  22. The good news about Sonic Highways is that it doesn’t have enough time to bore us to tears.
  23. The results are often wickedly amusing.
  24. Downton Abbey comes back stronger and more muscular this time, with intriguing and shocking new plots that provide a bit of vital momentum and an uncharacteristically wrenching dose of tragedy.
    • 44 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    With its fresh premise, the show could be a welcome oasis to viewers who are weary of animation, reality or even football.
  25. Not everyone is going to respond to its purposeful languor and subliminal intent. Winslet is at once wonderful and yet enigmatically blank--very much as written in Haynes's and Jon Raymond's screenplay.
  26. What makes Teach: Tony Danza worth watching are the teenagers themselves and the glimpses of other teachers who make the place work. Danza, meanwhile, becomes an irritating, whirling, self-aggrandizing bundle of nerves.
  27. The overall effect is pleasing, light, cheerful.
  28. Tiny flaws come close to undermining the success of Game Change as a mere film.

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