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  • Summary: This show takes viewers to America's most recognized driving cities where locals that are nominated by their friends and family will compete in various challenges. The worst driver from each city will watch their car be destroyed and compete for the crown of "America's Worst Driver."
  • Genre(s): Reality
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  1. Sep 8, 2010
    A rather sad rip-off of the popular "Canada's Worst Driver" series on Discovery. The producers of AWD must have seen CWD and thought, "gee,A rather sad rip-off of the popular "Canada's Worst Driver" series on Discovery. The producers of AWD must have seen CWD and thought, "gee, who can we dumb this down? How can we make this 'funny'? How can we Americanize this?" The result, is a rather pointless game show. Contestants are recommend by their friends to compete in AWD and are expected to undergo several "challenges" to determine the "worst driver" of that episode. However, we do not get the same drivers every episode that we do in CWD; nor is the show overseen by driving instructors, educators and professionals. Instead, drivers are randomly selected in every city and told to do these challenges for s**t''s and giggles. Instead of receiving driver education and the chance to reform their bad driving (i.e. CWD), contestants are instead thrown behind the wheel's of their cars, without any additional training or education, and are expected to make an ass out of themselves.

    Ironically, the "best" driver, or the driver who commits the least infractions while driving, gets to go home. That's it. No education on how to be a better driver. No advice from experts. Nothing. They just get sent on their merry way, regardless on how awful their driving is. Those who "fail" end up going through challenges that were taken straight from CWD.The difference is, is that in CWD, the courses are constructed to test the driver's ability and offer an opportunity to learn from the experience; later courses would be variations of earlier courses or would utilize previously used skills. This gave the participant a chance to demonstrate what they have learned, and hopefully, graduate from CWD. In AWD, these tests only serve to mock the individual's lack of driving ability or experience. Ultimately one person is chose, at the end of each show to be "America's Worst Driver". The final two contestants then have to push a button on a detonator to see if they were chosen. If they were, their car explodes. As far as I can tell, the contestants aren't paid for being on the show, and don't receive a new car. So what's the point of the show?

    To add insult to injury, the contestants are subjected to a buzzard that rings if they commit a traffic infraction during initial testing. Given that anyone gets frustrated behind the wheel when they are being badgered, and more likely to make mistakes, this device seems to exist only to piss off the contestant and make them commit more infractions. Probably so that the viewer's enjoyment would increase, or something stupid like that. This however, has the potential to be dangerous, as frustrated or upset drivers cannot make accurate and appropriate decisions behind the wheel when they are in the aforementioned mental states.

    Too long; Didn't Read version: AWD is merely a sad rip-off of CWD. No thought has been put into it whatsoever, and the show serves no real purpose. The producers missed the boat on what made CWD so successful as a TV show, and opted to create a stupid game show that celebrates the ignorance, ineptitude and inability of it contestants to drive. It also does not offer contestants to chance to learn and to grow like CWD does. A complete waste of time.