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  2. Negative: 0 out of 4

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  1. Sep 29, 2012
    This show is awesome! I REALLY WANT A SEASON 2!! PLEASE, DO IT! THIS SERIES IS DIFFERENT FROM EVERYTHING EVER MADE!! SPECIAL! Why didn't the creators give it more promos? I mean, most of ppl don't know the show, I bet if at least one thousand people watched the show, 995 whould have liked it!!
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  2. Apr 6, 2013
    Absolutely brilliant series that stands out from everything I have ever watched or seen! Its funny, its got a decent amount of action and great lovable characters. Full Review »
  3. Dec 1, 2012
    I know some people didn't like this because of the violence and it's humor, but it is a dark comedy so it's supposed to be like that, it's supposed to be twisted and sick, and people shouldn't say negative things just because they don't like the genre, personally, i think it's a great show, it's very original, outstanding acting, and has many things you wouldn't expect on any tv show, i hope they make more episodes. Full Review »