Clerks : Season 2

  • Network: ABC
  • Series Premiere Date: May 31, 2000
Season #: 1, 2
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Summary: This animated series, based on Kevin Smith's 1994 film of the same name, centers on Dante Hicks and Randal Graves, the clerks at The Quick Stop and RST Video. These "slackers" spend most of their time spoofing pop culture and whining about their miserable lives. Adding color to their lives are the resident "hetero-life partners" Jay and Silent Bob, who hang out and sell fireworks outside the store. Every show needs an evil villain, so to accommodate, Leonardo Leonardo was created -- a rich, gay psychopath, who was the evil foil for our heroes. Leonardo's sidekick, the menacing Plug, was a robot. NBA player Charles Barkley voiced himself in nearly every episode, playing the nemesis of Jay and Silent Bob. And Lando was created in episode 3 to address the lack of black characters in the show. Utilizing the animation, the makers inserted tons of film and television spoofs, and cameos from many stars.This short lived series not only set a record for the length of time it spent on the air, but for the length of the titles as well! The show was green lighted by ABC for six episodes, but the release date kept getting pushed back and after a spot on the Superbowl, they finally got around to airing the series on May 31, 2000. After playing the show for two weeks, the series was abruptly jerked off the air, even though the additional four episodes were scheduled. Plans were made to cut the episodes into a feature film, but this idea was eventually scrapped and all six episodes appeared on video and DVD the following year. Also worth noting, Leonardo Leonardo was based on (and originally voiced by) Alan Rickman (Dogma, Die Hard, Galaxy Quest), but the execs at ABC didn't want Rickman, so Alec Baldwin stepped in to do the voice.On the video version, the real Jay and Silent Bob come out to introduce each episode (and there's a special appearance by Randal). On the DVD, these clips appear after an animated version of Jay and Silent Bob holding up a card with the episode number. The DVD also includes an audio commentary, two featurettes, animatics, the Superbowl spot, and a long promo made for a film/comic convention. As a DVD-ROM bonus, there are script/storyboards and character profiles.On December 22, 2002, all six episodes premiered in a marathon on Comedy Central. Since then, the series has aired from time to time on Comedy Central, mostly during late night with the cable channel's other animated programming.


Network: ABC
Genre(s): Comedy, Animation
Seasons: 1, 2
Cast Credit
Brian O'Halloran Dante Hicks
Jeff Anderson Randal Graves