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  • Summary: The new season of the dance competition sees David Arquette, Ron Artest, Chaz Bono, Elisabetta Canalis, Kristin Cavallari, Nancy Grace, Rob Kardashian, Carson Kressley, Ricki Lake, J.R. Martinez, Chynna Phillips, and Hope Solo competing for the mirror-ball trophy.
  • Genre(s): Reality, Game Show, Arts
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  1. Sep 23, 2011
    I live in England and am somewhat (okay - completely) obsessed with 'Strictly Come Dancing'. I have never watched 'Dancing with the Stars' but was missing Len and Bruno so thought I'd give it a try. It was okay but it lacks heart I think - it isn't as warm or as funny as the UK version and really, the only people I am interested in watching on it are Ricki Lake, Chaz Bono and David Arquette and as much as I loved all three of them in this - I don't think I will be bothering to sit through everyone else to see them again. So, it's a 6 from me for this one - it had the steps, it had the moves but it felt rushed, as if it were racing towards the end. There was no joy to the proceedings so ultimately - I just didn't FEEL it. Bruno and Len - see you when you get back to the UK. Collapse
  2. Sep 28, 2011
    Season 13 is a so-so of Dancing with the Stars. Some are good like great stars from Hope Solo, the amazing soccer star whose Team USA was defeated against Japan last summer, but it was a great match and David Arquette whose Scream 4 movie was a disappointment, but I hope he has a chance of winning. And some are bad including Ron Artest and I don't know about Chaz Bono winning this competition. The problem is that I think it will take lots of practice if they want to become a champion. So, it can't outmatch Seasons 11 and 12. But this is gonna be a disappointment for DWTS. I'm still gonna watch the X Factor instead. Expand