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  1. Mar 26, 2013
    Sorry to burst people's bubbles but Doctor Who took a massive nose dive in Season 7, it went from the pure awesomeness of Series 6 and I was thinking "Hey, Doctor who is actually starting to grow up now and is really serious," then STEVEN FRIKKIN MOFFAT!!!! had to go "Lol nope" and suddenly Doctor Who went had gone to sh*t. Seriously the christmas special "The Doctor, the Widow & the wardrobe were the warning signs (seriously, trees with souls?) and suddenly Asylum of the Daleks showed up, sure I liked Jenna Louise Coleman there (another victim of Moffat) but the plot made no sense and has permanently ruined Daleks for me, the visuals were terrible compared to before and the whole thing was just lazily put together & the bad acting was driving me insane, I felt like killing Karen after that, her acting went from like 8 to 1, just like that. The problem with it was the fact that Moffat tried to fit 2 episodes worth of story into 1, it just doesn't work.
    Next episode was Dinosaurs on a spaceship, I was still recovering from Asylum. I enjoyed it a bit more, because I was desperate for something good, BUT! It was just more crap! Once again a plot that is just complete crap and too simplistic, the visuals were "ok" at best but the cgi of space were unrealistic and crap, the only thing good about it was the fact that Argus Filch and Arthur Weasley were in it.
    Then we move onto A Town called Mercy, what can I say? Person who looks like a rip off of the Terminator, guy with paint on his face and a terrible over-dramatic plot that has no logic to it that wants me to feel sympathy about a character dying when I don’t even know who they are. The visuals were average, lasers look and sound dumb, expecially when they add in big explosion sounds to make the blast seem more powerful than it really is and they try to make a breaking clock face look dramatic.
    Now we move onto the ABOMINATION!!! Also known as The power of three.
    First of all, I officially hate Chris Chibnall. Why? Because he completely ruined U.N.I.T. He wants us to believe that the Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart’s daughter has managed to take charge and completely change the way U.N.I.T works… U.N.I.T being a part of the United Nations, operating in multiple countries, having existed for over 40 years. I don’t believe that for 1 second. And I can’t believe that a massive professional military organisation can turn into a bunch of stupid unproffesional woosbags, I mean half the scientists don’t even wear uniforms! And speaking of uniforms, they got rid of the red caps which I am angry about! Apart from that the story makes no sense: Aliens using cubes that wait a whole year to slowly electrocute people that can easily be stopped, and aliens that randomly kidnap people and teleport them to their spaceship for no reason and aliens who use random men in glasses that have no purpose. The plot is extremely bad especially the fact that the Doctor killed all those people on the spaceship when he blew it up. After that episode I was seriously considering dumping the show for good, a person who has been a fan for 8 years.
    The Angels take Manhattan was one of the better episodes in the series, even if I was crying by the end of it. The positives of it would be that weeping angels are in it & River Song makes an appearance, and we get to see some of The Doctor’s and River’s playing with time. Also the fact that the Statue of Liberty is a Weeping Angel, it is really creepy when you see a massive set of teeth right behind the character.
    Now to the negatives, the story is far too rushed, like I said with Asylum of the Daleks. Moffat is trying to fit 2 episodes worth of stuff into 1 which really doesn’t work and often leads to stupid rushed events such as Rory and Amy deciding to kill themselves… jeez guys I’m sure the Doctor would have thought of something. And at the end Moffat broke all our hearts (again). So that’s end of my review, feel free to hate my guts right now.
  2. Aug 8, 2013
    Season 7 this show is getting tired. The problem? The writing. Despite punchy performances from it's actors, the stories simply aren't there. New companion Clara is ably played, but has zero chemistry with Matt Smith. Dull and predictable it's time this show took another rest.
  3. Nov 18, 2013
    The further I get into this season, The more I hate it. Most of the episodes are rather boring and quite a grind to finish, So much so that I can not wait for them to end. There is no more fun, No sense of adventure that the previous seasons had. I agree with Stabs_with_Pudz, This season took a massive nose dive and I don't think it will recover from that.
  4. Apr 13, 2013
    Doctor Who has become a treacly, silly, caricature of its formerly revived self. I sorely miss the Eccleston and Tennant years when the stories were darker, more clever, more grounded and more interesting. The writing is no larger sharp. It's half-witted and plugs in artificial sweetness (children singing, Amy and Rory romance) for real character development. Grand melodrama for new ideas (the world is ending! the Doctor is going to die!)

    Matt Smith is likeable enough, but the miles on the Tardis have either just gotten to high or a better class of writing and direction are needed back. Just watch the first 2 seasons on Netflix and then go back to Saturday nights to see the glaring difference. The Doctor was mysterious and weighed down by his place in the universe. Now he's a jokey buffoon. The stories used to take us far and away through time and space and now we see more of London than most Londoners. Maybe that gives it greater mass appeal(?), but at the very disappointing expense of intelligence and suspense.

    Doctor Who? I just don't care anymore.

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  1. Reviewed by: Jeff Jensen
    May 15, 2013
    The British import--which wraps its third season under writer Steven Moffat (Sherlock) on May 18--remains a riot of witty weirdness.